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  1. Getting purple highlights :3

  2. Back on duty >:3

  3. Absent due to health issues.

  4. Will be back to serve the Imperator on Monday!

  5. Night everyone :3

  6. Training cadets makes me hungry D: I think im gonna get sum Tacos X3

  7. Left 4 Dead 2 on steam later on tonight anyone? :3

  8. well later on tonight not now XD

  9. Left 4 Dead 2 on steam anyone?

  10. Starbuck's Coffee!!!! <3 Making your frapachinos and deli sandwhiches all while stealing free AT&T wi-fi :3
  11. Fawksers :D *hugz*

  12. Happy Birthday Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/
  13. awww hee hee thankyou everyone :3 i just found this post XD
  14. heh add me my gamertag is mastercheif98 :p~ 44 2nd prestiege

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