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  1. Marcus Tinamou

    Upcoming Conventions & Plans?

    Brocon (whenever it happens) Adeptacon....yes, thats right. Warhammer 40k.
  2. Marcus Tinamou

    Picture Day: 09JUN12

    Or...go to bed. You can do that too.
  3. Office of Imperial Doctrine is now looking for an Executive Officer as well as [3] Department Heads at this point in time. That is a total of [4] leadership positions within the OID that are open and will remain open until filled. -UPDATE: 10JUNE12 - XO, Invenio and Expiscor positions filled. Also, Staff positions available, apply below for selected department. Requirements: Executive Officer/Department Head candidates will be required to meet the following Criteria: ~ Must be an NCO (E-4 minimum) ~Have a clean disciplinary record ~History of sufficient activity levels to perform your duties (Active on a nearly daily basis would be preferred) Please include the following information in your reply to this post: Name: Rank: Squad: Current Curricular/Extra Curricular Activities: Position you are wishing to be considered for (may apply for multiple but will only be selected for one): If selecting Department Head, please select which Department: Aperio What you believe you can contribute to the OID and Ordo as a whole:
  4. Marcus Tinamou

    Take a minute to think.

    I think this topic has run its course.
  5. Marcus Tinamou

    Bro Con

    (Lives in Las Vegas). I know some people who work at the various hotels and can possibly get people on a tour at Nellis AFB. Paintball and bars are good out here, lots of stuff to do for night life if over 21. Sadly, 21 and under and Vegas can suck as far as what to do. Nellis is also home to the Thunderbirds, so, that is ballin' if you are into that stuff.
  6. Marcus Tinamou

    Bro Con

    I would attend. No doubt.
  7. Marcus Tinamou

    Diablo 3

  8. Marcus Tinamou

    Quotes of Win

    Dis is a cruel and callous lover.
  9. Marcus Tinamou

    Valaska Svendsen: General Notice

    Sounds like this man is a tool bag.
  10. Marcus Tinamou

    The Awesome song thread!

    Best song. It makes me tingle.
  11. Marcus Tinamou

    Ordo Auxiliary Air Corps (AAC)

    Let's all stay on topic for the good of this concept.
  12. Marcus Tinamou

    The Secret World

    I pre-ordered and what not but also got my closed beta key today. Beta account will be unlocked tomorrow at 5.
  13. Marcus Tinamou

    Office of Imperial Doctrine: CO Position

    Rank: E-7 Current and past positions in Ordo: Duties: IEA Staff (Schola/Arma) Civilian Overseer Praetorian Guard - Aux Munitorum - 'Audio' Former Duties: Curia Lictor Tactica Staff IAC Investigator Century: II - Rapax > Carnifex CO Brief summary of a 30/60/90 day plan for OID, detailing how and what you would achieve with the organization. First 30 days/Phase I would be comprised of initial recruitment for OID. This would include finding and assigning department heads, the executive officer as well as OID staff to fill the various department positions. During the first 30 days, create a standard operating guide that will flesh out the exact duties of each department to follow along the lines of the initial outline that Aryte created for OID. Create Department Head expectations and XO expectations. Creation of a routine department meeting schedual for command and staff and flesh out department duties to give further detail to initial outline. For the 60 day/Phase II, continue recruitment as needed to fill crucial positions and staff. By this time there would be meeting times set into place to discuss ideas, concerns and progress (if available) as well as projects for OID. During Phase II, Department Aperio and Expiscor will be granted priority attention to begin the process of rolling out a steady flow of production elements (propaganda, posters, INN statements etc). This is the enactment phase of the foundation that was laid in PI. If Aperio and Expiscor are assembled and operating quickly and to the satisfaction the OID Command and Aryte, Invenio will have more hands on assistance with creative content. Aperio will be given due attention during Phase II but as it will be at the running hands of it's department head and the oversight of the CO of OID. 90 days/Phase III, maintaining and tweaking of the current system. Rotating recruitment as needed to keep staff up, and giving a heavy focus on INN statements to show progress of the OID. During PIII, approval will be sought from Aryte and guidance as needed for projects, recruitment initiatives will be devised for physical off-sim recruitment trips. Ordo-wide meetings will be planned to get an idea of what the organization as a whole wants to see. Also, know you used my ideas when you wrote this, don't front.

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