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Found 2 results

  1. There are so many different ways to build your character in ArcheAge and so many different class combinations that you can use. Although many wonder what are some of the best builds, we’ve got a few samples of class combinations that work to take the pressure off of trial and error. There are some builds that naturally do not work, for instance, mage and melee builds - while novel, players are finding out it’s hard to gear for them and even harder to manage resources and the playstyle. Remember you have to buy each specific skill with skill points, so you don't have to factor in EVERY skill in a skill set. BUILD BASICS There are a few primary skill sets that sort of define your playstyle. Archery for using bows, Battlerage for melee DPS, Sorcery for ranged DPS, Defense for tanking, and Vitalism for healing. In any build, you should only take one of these skill sets. Then, you mix it up with something else. The second skill should be your support skills. So Shadowplay for DPS, for instance, gives you the ability to move around the battlefield easier with spring, stealth, and different leaps. The last skill should be Auramancy. It’s just too good not to take on most builds. Immunity, get out of stun, teleport, a pull, and a shield are all some of the aspects of Auramancy and they help a ton. Going through the motions, we just came up with pretty much the best build in the game for leveling - Battlerage, Auramancy, and Shadowplay. They all synergize so well and you’ll be more powerful for it. As I mentioned earlier, avoid some of the “crazier” builds like Archery, Sorcery, Battlerage since you won’t be able to use the vast majority of the skills and not taking some of the other skill sets will seriously hinder your ability to perform well. DAMAGE BUILDS / LEVELING BUILDS There are three builds for damage that I think work the best. Well, realistically, it’s more or less a formula. Battlerage + Shadowplay + Auramancy - Melee DPSSorcery + Shadowplay + Occultism - Ranged Magical DPSArchery + Shadowplay + Auramancy - ArcherThese builds all involve Shadowplay which is critical if you’re going to do any damage. Auramancy is sort of like the non-damage support skills in normal games. Shadowplay allows you to get in close and control the battle. Occultism is the magical version of Auramancy, with pets and various ways to control the fight. You can replace Occultism with Songcraft, and the build will remain solid. TANKING BUILDS All tanking builds involve the Defense skill set. Defense + Auramancy + Vitalism - Default TankDefense + Battlerage + Auramancy - DPS TankThose two are your bread and butter tanking builds. I highly suggest while leveling to take Battlerage, just so you have some options on doing damage. Ultimately, anything that’s not ranged paired with Defense will make an excellent tank. HEALING BUILDS Healers should have Vitalism, Songcraft, and Auramancy. You can sacrifice one of these abilities and get Defense if you really want to be more tougher for PvP. You can’t level as a healer by doing quests, due to the lack of any offensive ability. Abolisher (Battlerage/ Defense/ Auramancy)Animist (Sorcery/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Arcane Hunter (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Archery)Arcanist (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Sorcery)Argent (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Vitalism)Assassin (Witchcraft/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Athame (Witchcraft/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Bastion (Defense/ Auramancy/ Archery)Battlemage (Defense/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Blackguard (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Blade Dancer (Battlerage/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Blighter (Battlerage/ Defense/ Shadowplay)Blood Arrow (Occultism/ Archery/ Vitalism)Bloodreaver (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Occultism)Bloodthrall (Battlerage/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Bonestalker (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Archery)Boneweaver Auramancy/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Cabalist (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Sorcery)Caretaker (Defense/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Cavestalker (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Shadowplay)Chaotician (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Archery)Cleric (Auramancy/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Confessor (Shadowplay/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Crusader (Battlerage/ Defense/ Sorcery)Cultist (Occultism/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Daggerspell (Witchcraft/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Dark Aegis (Defense/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Darkrunner (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Shadowplay)Darkstring (Occultism/ Archery/ Sorcery)Dawncaller (Battlerage/ Defense/ Songcraft)Death Warden (Defense/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Deathgrim (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Occultism)Defiler (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Occultism)Demonologist (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Dervish (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Vitalism)Spoiler: Dervish Dirgeweaver (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Songcraft)Disperser (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Archery)Doombringer (Occultism/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Doomlord (Battlerage/ Defense/ Occultism)Dreadbow (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Archery)Dreadnaught (Defense/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Dreambreaker (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Auramancy)Druid (Defense/ Archery/ Vitalism)Earthsinger (Defense/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Ebon Druid (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Archery)Ebonsong (Archery/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Edgewalker (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Eidolon (Witchcraft/ Auramancy// Shadowplay)Elegist (Sorcery/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Enchantrix (Witchcraft Auramancy/ Songcraft)Enforcer (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Sorcery)Enigmatist (Auramancy/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Enlightened (Battlerage/ Archery/ Songcraft)Evoker (Archery/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Executioner (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Exorcist (Auramancy/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Farslayer (Defense/ Archery/ Sorcery)Fiendhunter (Battlerage/ Archery/ Sorcery)Fleshshaper (Battlerage/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Gravesinger (Occultism/ Archery/ Songcraft)Gypsy (Sorcery/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Harbinger (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Sorcery)Hellweaver (Battlerage/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Herald (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Songcraft)Hex Ranger (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Songcraft)Hex Warden (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Auramancy)Hexblade (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Defense)Hierophant (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Vitalism)Honorguard (Defense/ Archery/ Songcraft)Howler (Auramancy/ Archery/ Songcraft)Infiltrator (Archery/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Inquisitor (Battlerage/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Justicar (Defense/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Lamentor (Witchcraft/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Liberator (Battlerage/ Defense/ Archery)Lorebreaker (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Naturalist (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Sorcery)Naturalist (Archery/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Necromancer (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Nightbearer (Defense/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Nightblade (Defense/ Auramancy/ Shadowplay)Nightcloak (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Occultism)Nightwitch (Witchcraft/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Nocturne (Occultism/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Oracle (Auramancy/ Archery/ Vitalism)Outrider (Battlerage/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Paladin (Battlerage/ Defense/ Vitalism)Phantasm (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Planeshifter (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Poxbane (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Songcraft)Primeval (Auramancy/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Ranger (Archery/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Ravager (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Reaper (Occultism/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Requiem (Occultism/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Revenant (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Scion (Defense/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Shadehunter (Occultism/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Shadowbane (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Vitalism)Shadowblade (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Shadowplay)Shadowstriker (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Archery)Shaman (Witchcraft/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Shroudmaster (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Skullknight (Defense/ Auramancy/ Occultism)Soothsayer (Auramancy/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Sorrowsong (Occultism/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Soulbow (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Vitalism)Soulsong (Archery/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Spellsong (Auramancy/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Spellsword (Battlerage/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Stone Arrow (Defense/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Stormchaser (Auramancy/ Archery/ Sorcery)Swiftstone (Defense/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Templar (Defense/ Auramancy/ Vitalism)Thaumaturge (Defense/ Auramancy/ Sorcery)Tomb Ranger (Defense/ Occultism/ Archery)Tomb Warden (Defense/ Auramancy/ Songcraft)Tombcaller (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Trickster (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Warpriest (Battlerage/ Archery/ Vitalism) The 11 most common class combinations in Archeage If this is your first time playing Archeage, you will get confused with its own class system. It is not something like there are only tank,dealer,healer, and archer. You will choose 3 out 10 classes, and there will be 120 combinations possibly , but not all of 120 will be good to play generally . I would like to talk about the most common combinations. Don't play warriors with bad ping ! Warrior 1 Battlerage+shadowplay+defense This one has high def against archers and warriors. It depends on your skills a lot. Not only you need to when to use skills, but you also need good positioning skill. It is like knight. You got high def, but no mobility. This class with one healer will rule the smaller pvp (something like 2vs5) Suggesting to party players Warrior 2 Battlerage+shadowplay+auramancy(will) This one has high mobility and anti cc skills. You would want to kill opponents fast and run away because it doesn't have high defense. It is more likely similar to Ninja. Use invisibility skill, get close the enemy, snap and run Suggesting to soloing players Mage 1 Necromancy+sorcery+shadowplay This is the most balanced and popular mage. It is good at both of massive pvp and small pvp. Not like warriors, they don't really have surviving skills. So, you got to learn when to attack if you don't want to be killed in 1~2 seconds. I suggest to who wants to play mage. Mage 2 sorcery + songcraft+ shadowplay It is a mage version of Ninja. Because it requires high int, you will probably have low hp. You can be killed by 1~2 skills, but this combination have incredibility dps. Average hp in Archage will around 10k~12k It can damage over 20k in a second. I really suggest this to skillful players otherwise you will just get mad badly. (OP vs OP lol) Mage 3 Necromancy+vitalism+auramancy It was OP in pre 1.0. I am not sure how Trion will include 1.0, but based on alpha version right now it will be one of OP combination. You can kill one enemy for sure, and can kill even 2~3 people in pvp by yourself if you learn how to fight. That is possible because it has good attacks + anti cc skills + survivability I won't suggest this combination since it will ruin Archeage pvp experiences. (but I know you guys will choose this for sure T.T , you can choose defense instead of auramancy) Support 1 (bard) songcraft+defense+auramancy If you love supporting, but not a healer, this is the best one for you. Songcraft buffs your entire party, and debuff one or two opponents so badly. Auramancy and defense are for your survivability. They can be used to interrupt enemies also. It is kinda easy to play, but you will fully need to understand pvp if you wanna play good. I suggest this to people like to watch how my parties and enemies fight with some popcorn . Healer 1 Vitalism+auramancy+witchcraft If you have good armors and pvp skills, you will NOT die. Yea, you will be immortal. This combination has all kinds of anti cc skills, so no cc will be effective against to it. It is kinda a tank + a healer. Because it has witchcraft, It is fun to play too. I suggest this to all who believe in love Mage 4 (caster) Sorcery + witchcraft + songcraft Sorcery with no shadowplay or necromancy is called a caster. It is not really a common combination, but for equability reason, I included. It can damage enemies with high dps only if your parties are good. This combination will be a shining star with good parties in pvp because dps and dpm are high enough to kill anyone. Problem is that it doesn't have survivability. You can do nothing against most of cc. So, if you are a solo player or don't have good friends, I would never suggest this. Tank 1 Necromancy+defense+auramancy When you see this combination and you are an archer, just run away haha. It is one of famous tank combinations. Necromancy+defense+auramancy will be used to attack and interrupt enemies. Also, you will survive for most of time in pvp because you have both defense and auramancy. I suggest this to who Archeage is your first time and don't want to be killed easily. (just spam the first skill in necromancy, you will be fine) Don't play Archer with bad ping ! Archer 1 Archery + shadowplay + auramancy It is an archer with high mobility and high anti cc, but has low def. It requires high pvp skill compared to Archer 2 , but it is really fun to play. Archers are essential in pvp at sea. So, if you are going to be a pirate, it is a good combination. One thing you should know about archers is that you need good armors and weapons. Damage of an archer per minute highly depends on your gears. In other means, you become super strong with good gears, but if not, you are weak as ... uhh meat ? I suggest this to who loves fast pvp. Archer 2 Archery + shadowplay + defense Last but not least. Archer with defense is kinda OP, but I wouldn't say it because it can be killed by mages easily. It will win 80% against archers, and 50% against warriors with no defense. It is lacking mobility, but it has high defense against melee and archers with high survivability I suggest this to who plays archer for first time in Archeage. Thank you for reading
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