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  1. Original Source The Farm Wagon, also referred to as a tractor, is a vehicle in ArcheAge that all traders should aspire to build at some point. It provides a significant boost in efficiency by allowing you to carry multiple trade packs at once and even at a faster pace than a Donkey, especially if you use fuel to boost your speed. In this guide I am going to cover absolutely everything you need to know about getting a tractor and building it. Building a Farm WagonUsing a Farm WagonUpgrading a Farm WagonTo begin, you can’t build a Farm Wagon without the required design! You can purchase the design in Mirage Isle, you can teleport there using the portals found near auctioneers. At the time of this guide you can purchase the Farm Wagon Design for 50 Gilda Stars. You may also be able to purchase it on the Auction House but this is not always possible, especially when the game launches and Gilda Stars become more difficult to get in great numbers. Once you have acquired the recipe we can now start to look at materials. The first thing you will need is 4 Strong Wheels but luckily you get 2 each time you craft them. Strong WheelTo craft 2 Strong Wheels you need 4 Archeum Logs and 1 Sturdy Ingot. Once again you can purchase these materials of the Auction House but that may not always be possible. Archeum Logs are gained from chopping down Archeum Trees. The bad news is that Archeum Trees can’t be found in the wild, you have to purchase them from Mirage Isle for 3 Gilda Stars. You can find them directly across from the Farm Wagon design, next to the cows. Archeum Trees aren’t like other trees. They require water to grow, but not any kind of water – they require Auroria Mineral Water which can only be found at, you guessed it, Auroria. Auroria Mineral Water can be found around Auroria, most notably near flaming forests. They look very similar to ore veins as you can see. You need to extract them from the ground via mining and it will appear as a trade pack on your back. You need to remove your glider before you mine it because your glider fills your trade pack equipment slot. Once you extract the Mineral Water you need to take it to your Archeum Tree and water it. Once the tree has grown, you can chop it down for Archeum Logs. Remember that you will need more than one Archeum Tree because you require 8 Archeum Logs in total. The next item needed to make Strong Wheels is 2 Sturdy Ingots. These are slightly easier to get your hands on. To craft a single sturdy ingot you need 8x Iron Ingot, 1x Copper Ingot, 1x Silver Ingot and 1x Opaque Polish. The only slightly difficult item on that list is the Opaque Polish because the ingots can be easily acquired through mining Iron and Fortuna Veins. Opaque Polish requires a material called Charcoal Stabilizer. This can only be obtained by delivering trade packs to the Resource Trader in Solis Headlands or Two Crowns – you need to deliver the packs to the opposite continent that you started on to be able to trade for resources. You can purchase it on the auction house to but it can be pricey. If possible, just get a group of friends/guild members and head to Solis with some trade packs. Once acquired you will be able to craft your Strong Wheels. Next item on the agenda is a Solid Shaft which is easily the most expensive and hard to get material you need. Solid ShaftThe reason is that you need two Thunderstruck Tree and a Sunridge Ingot to craft it. Thunderstruck Trees are incredibly rare. They are created when lightning strikes a tree during the growing stages. I won’t go into the full details of this as it can get quite lengthy, if you need more information on Thunderstruck Trees I will refer you to our guide on them. Sunridge Ingots can be expensive to obtain. You need 10 Sturdy Ingots, which we have already covered above. You need 5 Mysterious Garden Powder which is a rare drop from monsters in the world. The drop chance is higher from elite monsters but depending on your free time you may want to purchase it from the auction house. Finally you need Rough Polish to craft the Sunridge Ingot. This won’t be readily available right aware at release because it requires 10,000 alchemy to craft. In addition to that you also need 3x Rock Salt Stabilizer which can only be obtained by delivering trade packs to a Resource Trader in either Solzreen Peninsula or Villanelle. Once you have acquired the 2x Thunderstruck Trees and a Sunridge Ingot you can now craft a Solid Shaft at a carpentry workbench. Your tractor won’t be very useful if it won’t move so we need to build the engine! High Power EngineTo craft a High Power Engine you need: 5x Flaming Log, 10x Silver Ingot, 10x Gold Ingot, 1x Archeum Ingot. All of the ingots are obtained via mining Iron and Fortuna Veins. Once again you do have the option of purchasing of the auction house if you have no gold issues. The flaming log, which can also be purchased from the auction house, can be obtained in Auroria. In the zone of Marcala there is a flaming forest, shown in the picture below. (Click to Enlarge) Once you arrive at this forest you need to look around until you find a Blazing Tree. They look exactly like the other trees in the area but you can interact with them. Once you find one you will see that you need water to extinguish it. Ordinary water will not do the job, you need Auroria Mineral Water. Fortunately you should be able to find some nearby. Just mine it and bring it to the tree to extinguish the fire. When you extinguish the flames the tree will turn into either a Cooling Tree or a Smoldering Tree. A Cooling Tree can only be harvested for Fiery Seeds, used in crafting other items. If it is a Smoldering Tree then you can chop it down and you typically get 3 Flaming Logs from it so you will need to chop down 2 Smoldering Trees to get enough for your High Power Engine. I highly recommend just running around the area first because you may find some trees that are Smoldering already so you won’t need the water. Last but not least is the Cart Bucket. This is where you will store your trade packs when moving them around. Cart BucketThankfully this is one of the easier items to craft. You just need 2x Copper Ingots and 2x Leather. The Copper Ingots are obtainable through mining, as mentioned previously. The Leather is crafted from pelt at a Leather Workbench. If you have no leather/pelt you can get it from butchering livestock. If you are in no rush then a Cow or a Goat can yield a lot of pelt but they have a long mature time. The fast track would be to use Turkey’s because they can mature in 6 hours. Even though Turkey’s don’t yield a lot of pelt, 4-6 when thriving, you don’t need much. To get the required amount of Leather needed for the Cart Bucket you only need 6 pelt which you can get from placing 2x Turkeys on your farm. Alternatively you have the option of purchasing from the auction house. Congratulations, you now have the required materials to build your Farm Wagon! Visit your nearest carpentry workbench and get crafting! This will be the result of your hard work. Now that you have built a Farm Wagon you will notice that when you are mounted on it you have a skill bar such as the one below. The Farm Wagon comes equipped with a few very useful skills for any farmer. I have outlined them individually below. Owner’s MarkThis is a buff that you apply to your Farm Wagon for 90 seconds. It prevents other people from mounting your Farm Wagon and driving it away. You should apply the Owner’s Mark when you are crafting Trade Packs so that you don’t have to worry about people driving off with your Farm Wagon. First Round in New MorningThis is a primary skill that you will be using pretty much anytime you are carrying trade packs on your Farm Wagon. You consume 1x Eco-Friendly Fuel to increase the speed of your Farm Wagon by 50% for 8 minutes. The duration of the buff stacks but the effect does not. You can craft Eco-Friendly Fuel at a Farmer’s Workstation. The required materials are 5x Fresh Fertilizer and 1x Hay Bale per fuel. Sound HornDoes exactly what it says, sounds the horn. Beep Beep! Water PlantConsumes 10x Water to water the area in front of your tractor. Incredibly useful if you fill your farm with crops/seed bundles because you can water them all in one click of a button. Massive time saver. Create WaterYes, your tractor has the power to fuse 2 part Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen to create water from nowhere. You don’t even need a well, it is your own infinite source of water. Each cast creates 10x Water. Now that you have a Farm Wagon and know how to use it, you can take it to a new level and upgrade it. On the in game store you can purchase a Wagon Upgrade Ticket for 2385 credits. Please keep in mind that this price may change in future. You can also sell/purchase the Wagon Upgrade Ticket on the auction house so it is worth doing a price check because it may be possible to get it cheaper on the auction house. Once you have it, go to your nearest Carpentry Workbench, open the Machining crafting menu, select Vehicles and you can convert your Farm Wagon into a Farm Hauler. The Farm Hauler moves slightly faster than the Farm Wagon and has extra capacity to carry two additional trade packs, bringing the grand total to 7 Trade Packs at once, if you include the one on your own back. Note: You can upgrade the tractor even further to a Red Farm Hauler however the Red Hauler Fusion Certificate needed to do this is not available in the game yet. This page will be updated when it is available.
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