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If you could have any superpower...

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Throwing my lil bit in.

Super strength, speed, and agility. Weakness, the ankle and bodies of water (Lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, oceans, seas, et cetera. Not puddles or buckets of water, must be natural bodies.)

'Cause, ya know, all powers must have weaknesses, and those two seem interesting to me. Ankle seems easy to hit but if thought about, can be very challenging for a person with speed and agility. Water is more terrifying since there is so much of it. Super speed doesn't mean super brakes.

Another weakness, stairs.

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top list:

Matter manipulation (see: FMA style alchemy)

Teleportation (see: X-men's Azazel)

Ability to make shit explode (see: x-men's gambit)

Invisibility (besides the ability to creep, major assasination ability as long as it tricks thermals ect)

@markius Super speed should enable you to run on water, or else its just "kinda fast" speed.

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Elaborate for those of us who do not partake of the fur.

Nutshell version of the story as I understand it: Obese bipolar furry goes to a furry convention without his medication, gets really super drunk and imbibes an assortment of drugs until he is super Ffffed up on top of being mentally unstable, gets into a verbal altercation with his hotel roomies, walks to the convention followed by his roomies who think he should not be in public in his state, continues the argument in full view of everyone, breaks a pair of sunglasses and attempts to cut his own throat with a piece of the lens, fails at this, and then kind of half-heartedly attempts to hurl himself down a nearby staircase. He is eventually subdued by law enforcement officers. He is henceforth known as "Tumbles the Stairdragon."

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