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  1. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Meeting on 05JAN13

    I'll try to be there myself
  2. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Christmas #Swag: Post it!

    A game (that I forgot what) as an early christmas present Dragon's blood (Tree sap from the Amazon) ...pending gifts.... money
  3. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Gaming Keyboard

    Well, I would recommend looking at the newer Logitech OR looking at Steelseries, if you can. Razer, if you want to go with them as well, but I really would recommend matching up as much stuff as you can, to save on the amount of configuration software. I, myself, have a Logitech G110 gaming keyboard. No LCD, but my setup wouldn't allow easy access to see it anyway, due to the desk.
  4. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Computer Builds: Specs, Consoles & Suggestions

    Current Desktop: COUGAR Evolution Black SECC ATX Full Tower Computer Case Antec EA-750 (750 watts) AMD FX-4100 Zambezi 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) ASUS Republic of Gamers Crosshair V Formula nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB (ASUS Overclocked) 8GB DDR3 1600 1 TB HD Windows 7 Pro - 64-bit LG Black 12X Internal Blu-ray Drive 3D Playback & M-DISC Support (and it supports Lightscribe) Asus VG236H 3D monitor with nVidia 3D vision kit Logitech G930 Wireless headset Logitech G110 Keyboard Logitech G300 Mouse Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Laptop: HP Pavilion dv6t-2000 CTO (Custom to Order) Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Intel® Core™ i7-720QM Processor (1.6GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 1333MHz FSB) 4GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm) 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 230M 15.6" diagonal High Definition LED HP Brightview Widescreen Display (1366x768) Lightscribe Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD+/-R/RW Double Layer Webcam + Fingerprint Reader Intel Wireless-N Mini-card with Bluetooth HP Integrated HDTV Hybrid Tuner 12 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
  5. SalemAdams Wobbit


    Maybe after this, steam may pull that game from that list. >.>;
  6. SalemAdams Wobbit


    Which is is a violation of US FTC Law - Are you going to file a complaint?
  7. SalemAdams Wobbit


    It's published by OP Productions LLC, and developed by Hammerpoint Interactive.
  8. Not real excited about Wednesday, but have to do it. Also, not excited about today either. :\

  9. SalemAdams Wobbit

    FireFox is bored although, it's more like multiple hacks per day, focusing on awesome, weird, or interesting tech creations or modifications (like a wearable IFF system )
  10. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Epic Sale Thread

    They're running "The Amnesia Fortnight" (not related to the game), a bunch of prototype games.
  11. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Assistance with a University project - Computer Ethics

    Heh, that is very true, but no, it's more on ethics than anything else. Also, I will be sending questionaires to voulenteers soon.
  12. On the Thalys train from Schiphol to Paris-Nord

  13. SalemAdams Wobbit

    17NOV12 - Weekly Meeting

    Well I am a geek/nerd, whatever your definition is (and you would be surprised at how different the definition is to each person, even among geeks/nerds), and I have both movies on Blu-Ray.
  14. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare

    (thanks) Yeah, I'm seeing how American Nightmare is. Repetition, with variations in three places, with some engine updates. Really? The original, well worth playing. I do like how if you time things right, you get the "cinematic" effect, which is essentially bullet-time (mostly dodging, but sometimes finishing off a wave of enemies). All the enemies in the first game (and -most- in the second) bring melee weapons to a gun fight...but you have to use a flashlight to make 'em weak...or some sort of light. Flashbangs, flares, and flare guns for everyone.
  15. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Cataclysm Scenario: What's your plan?

    Time: Find some sort of weapon while scrounging for basic necessities (Food, CLEAN water, shelter). Use temporary shelters and find any evidence of civilization. Weather: Find where the weather isn't too hot or cold, evacuate there. Government: Carry sidearm concealed. If possible, continue to live normally. Else, see below. All other scenarios: Arm up with m77 and sidearm (only weapons I have). Bring plenty of bullets. Evacuate to Government Camp (Mt. Hood) or nearest mountainous town. If not possible, evacuate to a remote hospital that is staffed, help with defense there (Hippocratic oath).

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