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Greetings all!

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Shade Seeker is the name. gaming is ... well... my game...


i've got many games that i play, i'll simply mention the ones that i see that are played by members here..


Arma 2 (got the game, barely played to be honest)

Planetside 2  (used to play it, but ain't fun playing with out friends)

Renegade X (recently installed it)

Starbound (Terraria in space..)

Star trek online (to boldly go, where other already have been)

Star wars the old republic (got the game, but it ain't fun if you know nobody to adventure with)

Warframe (got the game, play the game with friends, still got a lot to learn about it)


and many many more.


Also got Elder Scrolls online (It's elder scrolls, enough said)


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Well, now you have a group to adventure with. When you are ready to venture into the world of TOR just let me know and I will hop on and invite you to the guild if you would like. Also if you ever need anything just let me know. I'm around so I'm pretty easy to get a hold of. Pop on teamspeak and poke me. It always gets my attention. ^_^

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