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[Ordo] Ascension Points: 12APR14

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The Ordo Imperialis
Ascension Points
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▶ Introduction


With the growing diversity of our participation, the reoccurring challenge has been to find a meaningful way to reward dedicated members with a tangible asset. While we have consistently seen that Ordo members are incredibly altruistic, there is certainly no reason why extraordinary performance cannot be attached to an incentive. In the past, we have often provided options within a given game chapter. For example, the purchase of game time cards or station cash on Planetside 2. However, the issue arose and continues to arise when we run into the "wall." In other words, an extremely motivated member might go above and beyond on game X, but there may only be incentives available for game Y. That just simply is not fair in our eyes.


Ascension Points (AP) is our answer to that disparity. AP is a living, internal currency intended to be delved out and spent on a wide range of potential items. As it is a community level registry, AP follows a member from game to game: your AP earned in Planetside 2 is the same AP you will use on ESO or SWTOR. That way, no matter where you decide to contribute toward the group, you have equal potential to receive commendation to be utilized on items you might desire.




▶ Methodology


Ascension Points will be earned by members of the Ordo Imperialis through a number of avenues, including (but not limited to):

  • Stated incentives for actions (ex: recruit X number of people).
  • Receiving a commendation / merit.
  • Recognition for performance in an event (ex: most valuable member of a raid).
  • Periodic random selections requiring participation (ex: random draw of a name during weekly meeting).


Each community officer will be budgeted a number of AP to award out to members of the group on a monthly basis. If a given game chapter lacks a community officer, but is at least a platoon in size, a budget will be afforded to the selected leadership of the given chapter. All transactions will be transparent, posted on a centralized blotter in order to ensure proper accounting.


There will be two levels of "shops" available to Ordo Imperialis members. In general, the kind of items one might find are:

  • Community level: anything unrelated to a specific (existing) chapter, such as additional games or miscellaneous computer hardware.
  • Chapter level: anything related to the specific game, such as game time cards, premium currencies, or in-game items.


The community level shop will be located under the primary forum thread, whereas the chapter level shops will be listed under the primary thread for each respective game. The threads will follow this format: [ABBRV] Shop - Update DDMMYY.


Purchases will be available in one of two manners:

  • Direct transaction: the item(s) will have a set AP price, available for purchase at any time provided the item(s) are currently stocked. Direct transactions are initiated by simply posting in the given shop thread.
  • Auction: the item(s) will have a base AP price, but will be open for auction for a given time period (not less than 24 hours, but not greater than 72 hours) to permit competition. Auction proceedings will be carried out in the same forum area as the shop, utilizing the format title: [ABBRV] AUCTION - Item Name - EXP DDMMYY HHMM PST.


Auctions can and will be utilized to control inflation of AP balances. In addition, if a direct transaction item proves to be consistently purchased (or is exceeding budgeted levels), said item may become an auction piece.


Management of the AP balances will be handled by the community officer staff on a routine basis, with updates and delivery of items as possible pertaining to the schedule of the officers responsible. AP will not be deducted from a member's balance until confirmation of delivery is made.




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