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[AA] Gearing up

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As Head Start and Release get closer, I'm noticing a lot of players that are newer to the game. That's actually an awesome thing, and I'd like to repost some things I had put together a few weeks ago -- in the hopes that it will help people who may be having trouble finding things out on their own. I'm also adding some new information!


Hellswamp/Sanddeep (Available late 30s)


Rookborne Basin/Windscour Savannah/Perinoor Ruins (Available late 30s)


Hasla/Karkasse Ridgelands (Lv45)



In addition to these quests, there's lots of great armor and weapons available through the PVE Dungeons. I put together a list of what armor drops from what instance, you can find it here. It's incomplete at the moment, in that I do not have a full listing of all weapons available from each instance. However, the armor portion is complete to the best of my knowledge.


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