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Little Poem for a day to give thanks

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As most TOR members know I'm pretty weird guy, as such tomorrow i like to treat it simply as a day to say thank you to my friends and family. As such I do things i wouldn't normally do like writing a poem cause i am pretty bad at it. Only written 2 poems before one was forced to write for middle school, the other was for someone... special. So i decided to write another 2 poems for Thanksgiving, so here is the one i wrote for all the kind people in Ordo (past & present).


Unaware and shy
Confused and scared of daily life
Though with Ordo's help
Life is a brighter and lovely
Place where great experiences thrive
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for making this a wonderful place.

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Oh, I do like poetry!

In the text it goes
Irrelevance at it's high

In the page I creep
You cannot hide from me now
There is no ending!

Squirrels do Beckon Loud
Hiding in their trees, Scouring!
I'll be back later....


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