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For Ordo Imperialis - YouTube Creators

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Hello & Greeting's, 


Ordo Imperialis is now migrating all of their footage into one place on the new official Ordo Imperialis YouTube Channel.


Over the coming weeks and months those involved with Ordo Imperialis who also post to YouTube will be given the proper permissions and rights to post on the Ordo YouTube channel. This has already started with the Star Wars The Old Republic Chapter, and it's time to get other chapters going too such as WildStar, ARK, and all others. 


Videos for your chapter should be posted in appropriate playlist's which I'm busy sorting out and creating now, and should accompany a standardized thumbnail to keep everything looking clean, good and organised. 


There is a standard template package now available that you can use to accomplish this and is available in either .rar or .zip format. The package contains " Ordoofficial_YouTube_Thumb_Template.psd" and a folder with all necessary fonts.


It's easy to use, and already contains the logos for three chapters, and all organised into handy to find folders. 


This is something that will be updated over time as I work more on it, adding new chapter logos etc etc, but for now please feel free to go ahead and use this for the videos that you post onto the channel.






Ordo YouTube Thumbnail Template ZIP

Ordo YouTube Thumbnail Template RAR

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