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Nightcaller Introduction

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- The name you wish to be known by.

I'm using 'Nightcaller' on Black Desert right now and on Teamspeak. Works well enough for now.
- Your steam profile information.
- Make sure your birth date is accurate in your profile.

Should be. July 15, 1981.
- What interests you in joining us today and what gaming interests you have.

I'm currently running with some current members on Black Desert Online. That'll probably take up most of my gaming time for the forseeable future. I'm in an established group in Final Fantasy 14, and will still play that just enough to do my weeklies while I concentrate on BDO. I've been on most of the major MMOs since around 2000.
- How you intend to partake or contribute to the team where best to communicate.

Already hanging out on TeamSpeak. Have all of the major voice apps installed.
- Lastly acknowledge that you've read our codex and understand it.

Thoroughly enough to know it still links to a defunct form for applying, instead of making an introduction thread...

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