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Hey Guys/Girls If Any

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I am Tartan Terror (Real name Dean)

my steam profile is Asvaro1 if any of you want to check me out and add me.

I currently play Gloria Victis with you. I could possibly play other games depening on how my time with you in Gloria Victis goes.

Me and my buddy were looking for a guild in Gloria Vicits and Calohar kindly invited us to join yourselves. Enjoying it so far.

I have been gaming for a long time and focus mainly on pvp so I have a lot of experience in most ppv mmorpg game plus a lot of others I will contribute as much of this experience as I can.

I have been told I have a very tactical mind. This is porbably lies!

I have read and understand the codex.

I have been streaming Gloria Victis since I bought it a few days ago.

The link to my twitch if anyone wants to pop in and say hi

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