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  1. Ford Taurus SE Comfort (1998) -My first and current car. Was used with only 40,000 miles when I got it, and only paid $1500. Great buy for the money since it has quite a few things in it that were very uncommon for cars of the time. Not a picture of my own car.
  2. I've got a Corsair TX750v1 in my computer right now. While the V1 is terrible in comparison to the V2 because of the group they worked with, it is still a very good PSU. The RM series from Corsair is about the best you're going to get right now too when it comes to quietness and correct power usage, whereas if you get a good HX model, like the 1050 or the old 850, you'd be gold also.
  3. I definitely wouldn't have gone with the EVGA PSU. They've got alot of bad reviews about their stuff. Probably would've been better off going Corsair or similar brands.
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