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Found 1 result

  1. Xoza

    What's your ride?

    Here's my rides (or the closest visual representation of them) with a little snippet of history, modifications or anything else you'd like to drop into a summary. Mercury Capri (1993) - My first car, learned how to drive a manual transmission in this thing. Got it senior year of high school and it got me quite a bit of attention... I eventually added a sound system (deck, amp & twin 10's), some strobes and headers. Toyota MR2 (1998?) - Got this car when I went to serve in Japan. I added white underglows and didn't to much else. The previous owner added quite a few mods to the engine so it did see quite a few races during my ownership. Scion XB (2002) - After I returned from Japan, my father had an extra XB he was looking to get rid of. The style and design has to grow on some people, but the modification options on XB's first generation was endless. I added a custom exhaust, headers, intake, cooler, head and tail lights, 3-4' lowered, sound system (cap,amp,twin 10's+), and pillar gauges. Pontiac Sunfire (199?) - After I finially got some trouble with my licensing fixed up and got some money rolling in again I got this car for cheep, It didn't last as long as I would have liked, but it was a good car. Chevrolet Cavalier (2001) - My current vehicle. I haven't done much modding to it, haven't really had the money. I'm pretty happy when I fill it though, because it's compressed natural gas (CNG), about $8. The only plans I really have for it is some efficiency tuning and a small system (the CNG tank takes up the space behind the back seats, so there's not much room for subs). Now... what's yours!?
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