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Kytec Switchblade

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  1. maza took the initiative to send me gay porn, this is my response, it would be a similar response to anyone who acted in such a way out of spite for any of my close friends, proving that the deformity is of character aswell as physical appearance, which in my mind makes it free game! :D
  2. http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/589/mazaraufg4.jpg
  3. he started a riot shouting that everyone should_____________
  4. i hate newfags... wait wrong board.
  5. i was bored at work and too a random IQ test, i wasnt really paying much attention to it and checking faxes while in the middle of it and apparently got what was listed as the level of someone with a PHD. i used www.iqtest.com and got 124, if i go back and try while cafinated im confident i can get way higher, but lets see what everyone else gets! when you finish itl say some crap about money just close it, it sends the score to your email. heres a chart to grade your scores. http://www.geocities.com/rnseitz/Definition_of_IQ.html
  6. ahh, caffine and minimal distractions, how i love you
  7. Dear Kytec Switchblade, Thank you for your interest in the test at IQTest.com. Your general IQ score is: 138
  8. hate* xD... hate not being able to spell, no sleep does that.
  9. Kissass X3 I hate Gunau, Arch, furfags, bunnies, Arch's avatars and Gunau :D I hate people who hat Gunau, Arch, furfags, and bunnies P.S. immacutchu
  10. soon we will have a new secret entrance :D a bunch of walkways off that one pipe
  11. [10:24] Keno Pontoppidan: KYTEC WITH BOOBIES [10:24] Keno Pontoppidan: GOD LOVES ME
  12. [4:28] Kytec Switchblade: What brings you to titan today? [4:28] Tanik Aeon: Hostilities. [4:46] Tanik Aeon: Mind telling me where you got your run? [4:46] Kytec Switchblade: koh animations, liek 2 years old lol [4:47] Tanik Aeon: Heh. [4:47] Tanik Aeon: Damn, you are running the show by yourself. [4:47] Kytec Switchblade: its 7 am, and i havnt slept in liek 2 days [4:47] Kytec Switchblade: its 30 degrese in my room [4:47] Kytec Switchblade: lmao [4:48] Tanik Aeon: Fuck that. :P [4:48] Tanik Aeon: Lol. [4:48] Tanik Aeon: You are one of the best in Ordo, yes? [4:48] Kytec Switchblade: praetorians are the personal guard to the imperator, im one of the 3 evocati [4:49] Tanik Aeon: Yes. [4:49] Tanik Aeon didn't know what else to say. [4:49] Kytec Switchblade: Thanks. [4:50] Tanik Aeon: Can I ask, with all seriousness, where you learnt to fight like so? [4:51] Tanik Aeon: Because I know basic training into Ordo doesn't teach one to fight as good as you.
  13. ss deathstar supergalaktik http://youtube.com/watch?v=f2xkM4xU0GQ&feature=related fitting song is fitting
  14. i think i did it :o
  15. now to make the little thumbnail icon XD
  16. i ve been tinkering with making a signature, it was too big so i resized it :P
  17. *waves*