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  1. Lestat Umarov

    Legates Appointment: Terra

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Just so everyone knows I sold the range to Scarlet so if it breaks again let him know. :o
  2. Lestat Umarov

    Universal Combat Armor Rollout

    I'll mod whoevers armor. :V And I'll take you up on that offer Z.
  3. Lestat Umarov

    Administrative Surveys

    Oh man. o.o
  4. Lestat Umarov

    Lestat, oh man!

    Thanks! :V
  5. Lestat Umarov

    Till next time, Lo siento.

    See you Space Cowboy...
  6. :C It's linked off site. People and their damn dial-up! u.u
  7. Lestat Umarov

    Who wants one?

    The filesize is over 4mb. :|
  8. Lestat Umarov

    Quotes of Win

    Nothing dagger says is funny. It just comes off as him trying to hard.
  9. Lestat Umarov

    AC 2010

    Zrazor. You need to carry the torch yourself this year and drink twice as much for me. True story. :V
  10. Lestat Umarov

    Why I Fight

    I fight for my right to party.
  11. Lestat Umarov

    AC 2010

    Not going to AC this year. Sorry guys...*sighs*
  12. Lestat Umarov

    VNV Nation - 29Mar10

  13. Lestat Umarov

    VNV Nation - 29Mar10


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