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  1. Hunter Abrams

    What's your ride?

    My blinker light wont go off... I think its telling me that I need to change the fluid but I can't seem to be able to find the blinker light bottle
  2. Hunter Abrams

    Im baaaaack~

    Oh gawd D:
  3. Hunter Abrams

    Ordo RL weapons thread

    So I named my 1911s after getting custom hand made grips... Celestia and Luna :D trolololololol And my mosssberg 590 Flex
  4. Hunter Abrams

    Fite me

    I found this picture and had to make a meme
  5. Hunter Abrams

    So hi there

    What do you mean WTF?
  6. Hunter Abrams

    Just joined Ordo Imperialis

    This one day at Ordo camp I shot a cadet. True story... Oh hi there! Welcome to the community and all that jazz and good stuff
  7. Hunter Abrams


    Whats going on ITT?
  8. Hunter Abrams

    So hi there

    I know right? Also GG on your post count. Now I head to work... AGAIN. Even though I just got off work 3 hours ago so I can work another6 hours YAY! Then I can go back to work tomorrow! YAY!
  9. Hunter Abrams

    So hi there

    Sup? Im back. I am ancient. I had no internet for a long while. I lost all ordo information like TS I redonedid my putercom so thats why I lost infos I am Huntard A few may know me most wont :D Im normally going to be a night person ;-; I like pi reasons and stuff etc I have no idea what im doing here Enjoy. >
  10. Hunter Abrams

    Tabletop 40K!

    > >
  11. Hunter Abrams

    Awards Audit Thread

    So... I had these... The rest where on the Auto Merit grid on SL so yeah don't have solid proof of those. Armatura Good Conduct Ordo Achievement Comrade Support Administratio Qualification Extended Service Operation Thorn 2142 campaign Black November Mechanized Qualification Alpha Contrfjghdflhdsfikj Marksmen Combat prowess I/II Architect of Eternity Architect of Unity Indoctrination Homeland Defense Operation Ageis Operation Persecutus Operation Stalwart Operation Thorn Operation Vivec Operation Fallout Operation Purge Operation Fluffy Kittens New Jessie Occupation Prior service Awarded by Aryte. Fruitcake Merit and Merit of Epic Fail loool
  12. Hunter Abrams

    What's your ride?

    2003 Land Rover Freelander. It had some enemies and was constantly vandalized while I owned it. Soon stopped after I started visiting the range allot more Weird. The engine started to eat itself so I sold it. 2007 Jeep Liberty Was a great SUV. Did what was needed but eventually sold it because it required a few thousand in repairs. Also memorable moment in it. Going to work in a "prepare to evacuate zone." Also The only picture I had of it was during a hail storm... ;-; 2012 jeep liberty. This is my 3rd truck/SUV I have owned. 3 accidents so fare (all of the rear ends.) I have had it for a year and it only had 5 miles on it. I really like it and I do take care of it. Blah blah words and stuff Jeeps are good :D (for some reason the site is not working for me lolz.
  13. Hunter Abrams

    Ordo RL weapons thread

    I love it. As smooth as a Sig if not smoother and just as accurate. The barrel and bushing are of the same bare stock and are made together so it fits perfectly. Not being an 80 series is a huge plus. over 200 rounds in it so fare no malfunctions. mine is a little lose but I like it that way. Its a FNS .40 that I did the color fill in. its not that great it has some design problems. If you push the trigger forward then try to operate the slide it will not move. You have to rack the slide harder or pull the trigger back then operate the slide. It shaves the sides of the shell off leaving a lot of brass shavings inside and on the rails.
  14. Hunter Abrams

    Ordo RL weapons thread

  15. Hunter Abrams

    War Thunder


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