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WolfJoya Furse

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    Martial arts
    and doing stuffs lol
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    San Jose, California
  1. Your plug in what? RIbena?

  2. I have MGS4 but! the making for metal gear for xbox isn't going to be 4 is a diffrent scene and the also for ps3 and xbox is the Metal gear raidens story son of lighting or forgot whatever it is... I want it though :P
  3. I am already working on a Ordo comic, Of course no porn :P, It's a web comic and free? XD I haven't been doing it Cause well Money comes first on commissions and then the antesignani build, and looking at this! 700! ON A BID ALREADY, you gotta be fucking crazy XD
  4. Our manager pull some damn miracles to get them and one of our best trickers he was in MTV his name is Hanz
  5. So Yeah today I go out with my group to be filmed on cartoon network for a tricking competition, Our whole group loopkicks is on tv i am in the Team "Lifted" I am in red shorts black shirt with 2 white blank gauged earings... our team lost but it was fun as hell watch it!!!! XD to see what im talking about have done here's an old vid of me I am in black pants white shirt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npr2QuCH50Y
  6. I am intrested on Being a magister, I'll send you my paragraph as soon as possible.
  7. San Jose, California >.>
  8. Hey anyone need a new roomate I am moving out, and I can't stay here cause the living conditions is to hard for me to support myself, and the fact in my own home my own mother wants me dead lol she even said it herself blah blah not getting into that but if anyone needs a roomy please come help me out i need to get the out of here haha I live in California, San Jose >.> Thanks for reminding me Anly to put where i live XD
  9. I'm in Puppy Wolf ORDO:W01 - Puppy
  10. Well mr.scientific waffle reminded me to put this on the dispatch so I did the web comic is on my FA page www.furaffinity.net/user/puppywolf/ yeah its on there >.> ;.;
  11. 3: I'll miss you D:
  12. Hey anyone who has C&C kanes wrath I need major help cause I digitally downloaded the game with the EA download manager now finish downloading the game it has a check mark needing activation and when i click the button itself it wont active and when i go into the activation tab and putting in the code it says does not offer donwloadable content.... I need help