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  1. Dear Agares,

    I got bored of SL and decided to beat up my girlfriend, that failed also. It back fired and now she abuses me. So I quit the game and sold my computer and replaced my legendary machine for an iPad.

    With love,


  2. Dear ribena, where the bloody hell are you?



  3. ribena Homewood

    Look what I did~

  4. ribena Homewood

    Quotes of Win

    And ladies and gentlemen; your glorified leader of the almighty Praetorian Guard: [11:02] Agares Tretiak: The chest hair guides us. [11:02] Agares Tretiak: You must rub the chest hair. [11:02] Agares Tretiak: RUB. THE. CHEST HAIR.
  5. ribena Homewood

    A Bridge Too Far

    Second favOUrite movie of all time. ;D
  6. ribena Homewood

    Post Your Desktop

    Waffle.. Teach me your ways, Obi-One.
  7. Rammstein have a keyboard player..?

  8. I won Lone at chess! LOL jk, he won me with two pawns.

  9. ribena Homewood

    Completely true facts. Totally.

    Vinnie created Danger Mouse.
  10. ribena Homewood

    Looking for Vacation

    Florida is for babies. Hawaii is for REAL MEN and I'm pretty sure you'll see why when you get there.
  11. ribena Homewood

    Quotes of Win

    That was fucking amazing. Encore. (I'm being serious, Ron.. I demand another song or I'll get Agares to give you a dead arm or something)
  12. ribena Homewood


    omg omg.

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