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  1. The power to make the world go invisible, just by closing my eyes. EDIT: Never mind, I already do this.
  2. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBICLteuQs8 EDIT: I win.
  3. If a zombie apocalypse occurred and they're pretty much walking dead, then why not go somewhere where it's really hot or really cold? :D
  4. Scarlet's fat.
  7. I've got Auto-Immune Disorder, so I know how that goes. :C Get to feeling better! D; EDIT: I almost forgot, Asthma, too. :o
  8. Hey guys, are we talking about Revolver? <trollface.jpeg>
  9. Let me introduce myself. I am the president and founder of the Anti Mr. Firefox Fox Association. In the text that follows, I will explain why stopping Mr. Firefox Fox is fundamental to the survival of our society. Here's the story: The first response to this from Firefox's disciples is perhaps that it's okay to leave the educational and emotional needs of our children in the obdurate hands of the worst sorts of crazy duffers there are. Wrong. Just glance at the facts: What's scary is that Firefox has had some success at making it virtually impossible to fire incompetent workers. Even worse, it seems likely that Firefox will quote me out of context in the near future. Although things may seem dark now, Firefox can't prevent the sun from rising. He can't prevent me from writing that he's a hard worker. Firefox works hard to prevent anyone from commenting on his fickle, lousy treacheries. This is of course most illuminating, but what if we wish to engage rather in eristic search for truth, or in heuristic debate, or perhaps in paromologetic illation? In my experience, when Firefox's vituperations are challenged, he usually responds by altering laws, language, and customs in the service of regulating social relations. Well, you can't really expect him to defend his positions with facts, explanations, logical arguments, or even references to events that occurred less than two years ago, can you? Firefox's mind is so twisted, it's doubtful whether anyone can straighten him out. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but you get the drift. Maybe by next weekend, Firefox will leave a generation of people planted in the mud of a negligent, self-deluded world to begin a new life in the shadows of fogyism. Mischievous predictions aside, this would not be an impossible scenario if his warped comments were to gain ascendancy in our society. He insists that mercantalism is the catholicon for all the world's ills. Has anyone, at any time, ever been more wrong? If your answer is unthinking and automatic, you may be in trouble. You may be parroting back some of the concepts that Firefox has injected into your head instead of giving serious thought to the notion that Firefox has conceived the project of reigning over opinions and of conquering neither kingdoms nor provinces but the human mind. If this project succeeds then disorganized, liberticidal sophisters will be free to remake the map of the world into a Firefox-friendly checkerboard of puppet regimes and occupation governments. Even worse, it will be illegal for anyone to say anything about how when Firefox tells us that people are pawns to be used and manipulated, he somehow fails to mention that there is blood on his hands. He fails to mention that he and others of his ilk are symbols of macabre antiheroism. And he fails to mention that were he alive today, Hideki Tojo would be his most trustworthy ally. I can see Tojo joining forces with Firefox to help him strip the world of conversation, friendship, and love. I conclude this letter with an appropriate quote: "Mr. Firefox Fox is proposing a cure for which there is no disease or, more likely, a disease for which there is no cure." I believe we all know who said that, don't we?
  10. Most people probably think they already know all they need to know about Miss Kiara Smythe, but I have some new information to bring to light. Let me begin by observing that the proverbs of Theognis, like those of Solomon, are observations on human nature, ordinary life, and civil society, with moral reflections on the facts. I quote him as a witness of the fact that Miss Smythe has been introducing disease, ignorance, squalor, idleness, and want into affluent neighborhoods. We need to have long memories and no forgiveness of that sort of behavior. Instead, we must shatter the adage that Miss Smythe's enemies are aligned with very dark and malevolent fourth-dimensional aliens known as Draconians. If we don't soon tell her to stop what she's doing, she will proceed with her randy asseverations, considerably emboldened by our lack of resistance. We will have tacitly given her our permission to do so. Miss Smythe's serfs have learned their scripts well and the rhetoric comes gushing forth with little provocation. Miss Smythe hopes to further her geopolitical ambitions by criticizing other people's beliefs, fashion sense, and lifestyle, the point being that I admit that I'm not perfect. I admit that I may have been a bit cankered when I stated that Miss Smythe should have been removed from the gene pool before she had a chance to contaminate it. Still, that doesn't justify the name-calling, rudeness, and simple ugliness that Miss Smythe invariably finds so necessary. Nor does it justify her giving lunatics control of the asylum. Although I can find only circumstantial evidence of misconduct and rule violations, somebody has to weaken the critical links in Miss Smythe's nexus of immoral, demonic sesquipedalianism. That somebody can be you. In any case, Miss Smythe focuses on feelings rather than facts. Sure, she attempts to twist and distort facts to justify her feelings, but that just goes to show that wherever you look, you'll see Miss Smythe enforcing intolerance in the name of tolerance. You'll see her suppressing freedom in the name of freedom. And you'll see her crushing diversity of opinion in the name of diversity. Miss Smythe's worshippers argue that the sun rises just for Miss Smythe. These are the same disorganized, ribald sandbaggers who twist my words six ways for Sunday. This is no coincidence; she seems to be involved in a number of illegal or borderline-illegal activities. For Miss Smythe and her subalterns, tax evasion and financial chicanery are scarcely outside the norm. Even financial fraud and thievery seem to be okay. What's next? Viewing countries and the people that live in them either as economic targets to be exploited or as military targets to be defeated? I can say only that when I was growing up, we were taught that one should always try to criticize the obvious incongruities presented by Miss Smythe and her winged monkeys. Nowadays, it seems that more and more kids are being taught that Miss Smythe should contravene decency because "it's the right thing to do". You can thank Miss Smythe for this xenophobic pedagogical viewpoint, especially given that she acts as if she were Queen of the World. This hauteur is astonishing, staggering, and mind-boggling. Believe you me, of all of Miss Smythe's exaggerations and incorrect comparisons, one in particular stands out: "Miss Smythe is a master of precognition, psychokinesis, remote viewing, and other undeveloped human capabilities." I don't know where she came up with this, but her statement is dead wrong. Benighted, conniving prats are born, not made. That dictum is as unimpeachable as the "poeta nascitur, non fit" that it echoes and as irreproachable as the brocard that Miss Smythe shouldn't provide ill-natured prima donnas with a milieu in which they can threaten our core values, allegiances, and beliefs. That would be like asking a question at a news conference and, too angry and passionate to wait for the answer, exiting the auditorium before the response. Both of those actions show a clear lack of respect not just for those brave souls who fought and died for what they believed in but also for you, the readers of this letter. Every one of us has a role in saving this country from her aberrant army of tartarean misers. We all know that she has put our country in trouble. We may disagree on what to do about it, but we all know that our country is in trouble. May I suggest, therefore, that we defy Miss Smythe? Doing so may help even temulent flapadoshas see that my opinion of Miss Smythe hasn't changed ever since, ages ago, I heard her say something about how our unalienable rights are merely privileges that she can dole out or retract. The point is that Miss Smythe talked nonsense then, and she talks nonsense now. The only thing that's changed is that if she had lived the short, sickly, miserable life of a chattel serf in the ages "before technocracy" she wouldn't be so keen to mute the voice of anyone who dares to speak out against her. Maybe she'd even begin to realize that I enjoy the great diversity of humankind, in our food, our dress, our music, our literature, and our forms of spiritual expression. What I don't enjoy are Miss Smythe's macabre op-ed pieces, which represent Heaven as Hell and, conversely, the most wretched life as paradise. Let me conclude by expressing the hope that by reading this letter you have learned the life lesson, "Always prevent the production of a new crop of sanctimonious rubes."
  11. [15:07] thatguy Andel: WTF DIS, WHY DO YOU HAVE A KID? [15:07] Disembodied Hand: sex. [15:07] thatguy Andel: MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR KID [15:07] thatguy Andel: OB--- [15:07] thatguy Andel: SEX WITH YOUR KID? [15:07] thatguy Andel: REALLY DIS? [15:07] Disembodied Hand: .... [15:07] thatguy Andel: REALLY? [15:07] thatguy Andel: THAT'S FfffING GROSS. [15:07] Disembodied Hand: .... [15:07] Disembodied Hand: I hate you. [15:07] thatguy Andel: LMFAO [15:08] Disembodied Hand: lol [15:08] Disembodied Hand: but srsly. Its getting did. I just got tied up this weekend [15:08] thatguy Andel: I didn't know you were into S&M. [15:08] Disembodied Hand: sometimes. [15:08] thatguy Andel: Quotes of win. [15:08] thatguy Andel: LOL
  13. Awmg. Got the wrong meeting notice out... >:O From thatguy: Slow week due to the Holidays, nothing much really happened besides a few raids here and there. No PRFs this week- hopefully there will be next week. Tsukiyomi should be coming back from his break sometime soon, and ontop of the Holidays with Christmas cheer and all, I'll be waivering the raid inactivities in Cohors B (giving out a grace week). With that said, I will be expecting more activity with the following weeks. Keep up the work, and Cohors B dudes, be sure to ask your COs about anything (even if it's about some office you wish to join within Ordo, it's their job to answer. :>) (It says where my meeting notice is in teh report.) >.>