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  1. Ron Bleac

    Upcoming Conventions & Plans?

    I will be there. Look for me, I made my own Michelin Man costume out of rolls of toilet paper and duct tape.
  2. Ron Bleac

    Need Ideas - Custom Engarved Rifle Parts

    Bon Appetit in hebrew.
  3. Ron Bleac

    Vietnam era Radio Comms

    Another good one. [media] US air controller and pilot co-ordinating to drop napalm and high explosives on VC positions on a jungle road, somewhere in Vietnam. You can actually hear the bombs hitting the targets, giving some idea of the proximity of the controller. Then you hear the gunfire ramp up as the VC respond to the attack with whatever weapons available, targeting both the aircraft peeling off and any other targets they might see.
  4. Ron Bleac

    Vietnam era Radio Comms

    I thought this was an extremely interesting find. The following is an audio recording of US ground and air radio communications. It was recorded at some point during the Vietnam war and the video description doesn't mention when. All it mentions is that a ground unit (Recon Team Colorado) is being chased by a large unit of NVA that would like nothing more but to kill every single one of them. RT Colorado is supported by RT Hawaii, along with multiple air units on station that are trying to give Colorado enough covering fire to allow them to disengage from the running battle. A lot of the communication is fuzzy, but there is some very interesting and some heartbreaking stuff in there. At one point, one of Colorado's men (David Mixter) pushes another man (identified as Michel) out of the way of an NVA RPG man, sacrificing his own life to save Mitchel. A lot of the communication is very fuzzy and largely unintelligible, but keep in mind that we are talking 60s-70s kit here. Either way, it's very interesting to listen to. As a note, some of the units you hear speaking over eachother aren't actually hearing eachother. What you are hearing is the viewpoint of the recording station, somewhere (I think) on a US Navy ship or on a ground station somewhere in Vietnam. These are communications between 6 or so units, between 5 to 40 men. />
  5. Ron Bleac

    US Consulate in Benghazi attacked - One dead.

    It's no coincidence it took place on 9/11. That video they were "protesting" over was uploaded months ago. It was just an excuse for a relatively small armed group to attack the consulate for whatever Ffffing reason.
  6. Ron Bleac

    Quotes of Win

    Silly Vanu. nc4ever
  7. Ron Bleac

    Reflection, 9/11 Where were you?

    I was watching television and didn't immediately realize that it was real. For about 10 seconds, I was flipping through channels only to see the same thing over, and over, and over again. When I noticed it was live, the idea of such a massive attack taking place was terrifying. It didn't have a direct effect on me until later, years on.
  8. Ron Bleac

    Planetside 2

    The current way the Ordo outfit is handling themselves in a large fight is upside down retarded. The only way to succeed in attacking multiple hexes at the same time is getting multiple outfits co-operating. If we had other outfits on that server online at the same time who would be willing to coop up, that would be fantastic. But as seen yesterday with the ABC adventure, all of our Gals got shot down by interceptors or groundfire. We need to stop placing such a huge amount of confidence in ourselves and start relying on other outfits as well to do the other shit that needs to be done. If we split up, we die because we're weak. If we stay together and act as a cohesive force, there is a greater chance of success. Strength in numbers is still strength, but we can't hold the entire campaign map by ourselves. If TR falls because we did our part but others didn't do theirs, then ok. Another thing is speed. Most of the Ordo people aren't trained in assuming formations or reading a tactical map, even. Rudimentary tactics are key to success in this game because the faster you get off the warp, the better. If we spend 30 minutes organizing, you bet our asses will be toast. We can even drop this channel commander BS and lob 50 people into one channel and make it work. It's really simple, you shut the Ffff up and let the people in command do the talking. Another problem is our reliance on aircraft as a mode of transportation to hotspots. We need to use Sunderers and tanks more when travelling to highly active combat zones. Gals are nothing but targets on hotdrops. 2cents
  9. Ron Bleac

    Planetside 2

    Our current vehicle columns work just fine. It takes about 5 minutes to get a good tank column going if you just assign people to vehicles instead of letting them pick out their own piecemeal.
  10. Ron Bleac


    Hi. :J
  11. Ron Bleac

    Six Years: A Look at the Past

    I am not sure why people call Kitsy scary.
  12. Ron Bleac

    Quotes of Win

    Extreme late night at Titan, early morning for me. I have to go to work, this happens: In the main group- [02:42] Perkele (ron.bleac): Hey gents, I'm like, almost the only person on Titan and I need to go to work. Would be much, much appreciated if someone came along and picked it up. ding ding [02:43] Scarlet Flaks: U DONT NEED DEFENC WHEN U GOT #SWAG It is now 2:53. Swag is now defending Titan, alone.
  13. Ron Bleac

    Streaming Slender.

    Gonna play some Slender, you can all listen to me scream. /> Starting in 15 minutes.
  14. Ron Bleac

    Quotes of Win

    [16:53] Typhon R DeCrux (typhon.perun): Arokh, each time I talked with you did you ever think that it was to try and help you improve? [16:53] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): Help -me-? [16:53] Krys Vuh'uni (ken.bremer): alright [16:53] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): That's -rich-. [16:53] Krys Vuh'uni (ken.bremer): thats enough [16:53] Typhon R DeCrux (typhon.perun): I'll IM. [16:53] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): >:] [16:53] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): Visitation revoked. [16:53] Mercury: Lost contact: Typhon Perun [16:53] Mercury: Typhon Perun is still online. [16:53] Kimba Quartez (kasumi.quartz): o.O [16:53] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): Thank you Shizzerk. [16:53] Ron Bleac (Channel 1): r [16:53] [Ordo] AK-12 Beta v1.25: Reload Complete [16:54] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): Or Ron. [16:54] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): Whoever fired first. [16:54] Lord Killjoy the Obliterator (arokh.takakura): hi4. [16:54] Kimba Quartez (kasumi.quartz): I am so confused on what just happened [16:54] Amber DeHaven (shizzerk.kostolany): Fff [16:54] Amber DeHaven (shizzerk.kostolany): Ron then lol [16:54] Perkele (ron.bleac): It's called dinner, that's what just happened
  15. Ron Bleac

    "Epic" Combat Memories

    Me and Scarlet were defending the North Eastern side of the sim, right outside the Forge behind the barricades that are at the end of the road. We were being attacked by Megiddo, if I recall correctly. Some of them were coming down the road and we were mopping them up pretty quickly, until one of them threw a grenade and I shit you not, it bounced off of my chestplate. I think that was about the loudest I ever screamed grenade over Teamspeak. We both made it out from in between the barricades in time and survived.

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