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    It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.

    Favorite Generals
    George S. Patton
    Thomas Jackson
    De Saxe,
    Frederick the Great,
    Name: Phares-Jewish General
    Sarjeant- if Captains are the backbone, Sergeants are the fists.

    Indirect Approach
  1. Greetings Ordo, It’s time for me to officially resign. Not that i've been real active, but the real life reality of work, along with a constantly changing SL Ordo combat platforms and worlds have made me realize that to even be in Ordo will require more than a 1x a month login. Some personal thoughts. Apologies if they’re a little overdramatic but maybe someone can benefit from my experience-not Ordo experience but real life experience. For all you macho types that are too hardened to get in touch with your inner self y’all can quit reading here.. ;) While I don’t believe in obsessive self-analysis. Some intentional disciplined analysis can definitely be a source of healing to deal with those ‘things’ that stay strongly in our minds and come out in our mental states, reactions towards stress, keep us awake at night and..fill in the blank. 18 yrs ago something happened I was responsible for that created a lot of mental strain. I wanted to resolve the matter with the person, but only in the last 3 months can I say it got dealt with-frankly I have to say that God gave the insight into how to deal with the problem as I’d tried before myself to deal with the problem but failed miserably. So what happened? I didn’t dredge up any of the nitty gritty details, only said simply that bitterness was a horrible thing to have to deal with and that any bitterness that came from my actions and that i was responsible for I apologized for and I hated the fact my actions would’ve caused that in someone else. Believe it or not, the weight lifted off. We both changed for the better. Not that you can take responsibility for someone else’s life, but the goal is simply ensuring that there’s nothing between you and them and that it’s resolved. It sounds all too simple, but I had been making the problem about myself and personal pain and not about the other person thoughts and feelings. Well enough introspection. I’d like to thank the Ordo and Aryte. Just wanted to say I don’t know how you’ve done it Aryte, but impressive organization. Only a gift of higher inspiration could do something like what you’ve accomplished in a world as changeable as SL. When I was active, Ordo helped me stay occupied with some great educational experiences that took the mind off of myself. I don't say goodbye, as i believe in another place we'll all meet in one way or another. Until then, Best wishes all! Phares Sarjeant, wheeldonb@msoe.edu
  2. Great Commentary. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpFSwQztptQ
  3. sometimes discussing military history is a little like debating religion..lol

  4. Lol, well if you wanted to get a rise you did. Impressed that you consider Patton a smart guy. If we measure all the generals of WW2 and say they had similar training in as you say "Capturing enemy supplies, no brainer, leaving enemies a venue of escape" Ask yourself why was he one of the more effective in WW2 if in fact he only did what the no brainer actions of warfare should've been. No doubt Monty was the real force behind winning the Western front eh?... But then he was simply unable to do all those no brainer tactics that Patton seemed to gravitate towards.
  5. Regardless of authorship, Sun Tzu's writings were considered the authority of chinese tactics for a great deal longer than most nations have been around.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_War For me it's difficult to discount the relevance of Sun Tzu's tactics simply on a fringe historical critique. Many of the great military leaders consult various ancient histories and battle formations to gain insight into their present situation. The greatest of these relatively modern leaders De Saxe, Napolean, Patton, and those already mentioned have often concluded that the ancients had a much clearer understanding of those tactics than they themselves did. For those of us that have never truly been in that position of command or pinnacle of excellence it's difficult to conclude other criticisms of the ancients is overly relevant. All i can say is master the principle or demonstrate a superior one before determining the entire thing is hogwash.
  6. My confusion with Sun Tzu is that he was master of speaking in principle which often makes those teachings mysterious and obscure. Because we do not always understand the context that the principles were applied in, it is difficult to see how we should apply them. That being said. The story of his training of the Kings' concubines is very insightful. Perhaps an occasional beheading would suffice to ensure discipline. lol.
  7. Interesting. I think Vegetius would applaud the new structure. -within the ancient Roman legions were mixed capabilities such as cavalry, light soldiers-, heavy soldiers, missile throwers etc.. Obviously the Legions were organized into specialized Cohors but as the divisions are to be Legions rather than cohors the historical intent appears to fit within the scaled version that is SL and the transition should fit well. Pretty sweet. http://www.sonshi.com/vegetius2-10.html
  8. Mine eyes thank you for making the custom background texture options available.

  9. 111. SL lets talent shine in spite of RL situations. 112. There is some pretty phenomenal talent out there. 113. SL lets you use your talent in the most corrupted or the purest way. 114. Furry haters have at least one Furry AV in inventory. 115. Failure is on every front, success is a very narrow path that requires discipline, integrity, talent, and friends.
  10. Went with my Dad to this 3 yrs ago. Was an impressive display of US military history, weapons, military equipment, drill, artillery batteries. There were re-ennactors From the war of 1812, Civil War, WWI and II, Korean, Viet Nam, and now Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. There's a good chance you'll be speaking with military veterans from WW2 to the present. Even some of the ladies got involved with victorian era socialite interests. Anyone who's around WI and loves Military history will have a blast. It's at the Milwaukee VA Medical center. Date is June 2nd and 3rd. I'll be going the 2nd. info can be found here. https://forohmilwauk...enactor_HQ.html on the youtube i'm probably up on the hill when they're doing the civil war enactment. ;) [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lz3XM0Pd30&feature=related Feel free to contact me if you like - wheeldonb@msoe.edu
  11. ^Talent. It's always impressive when a writer is able to keep a story going without sex, unnecessary profanity.. and with detail that shows a depth of study and interest in the matter that arouses interest of those not otherwise informed. (i say that for all the chapters written so far.)
  12. Very interesting. It seems like a no-brainer to harvest the oil.. Pearl Harbor was a very well planned and executed assault on the US navy. It certainly provided president Roosevelt with the reason he needed to declare war and enter the fray on the side of the allies. At the time, the Japanese navy was probably the most well developed naval power at the time. The Germans had U-boats, but didn't need a lot of naval force as most of their battle could be reached via land travel. The British had a large fleet, although extended across their massive empire. The Japanese had the largest concentration of power in the Pacific. They built the largest battleship ever; the Yamato, as well as 2 impressive air craft carriers. Japanese manufacturing simply couldn't keep up with American production though - starting about 2:1(US:Japan) in tonnage production and by the end of the war was at a 6:1 disadvantage.
  13. Too bad SL wasn't more like this- the very large battle areas look appealing as in they aren't bounded by sim lines.. meh.... I pose this as a philisophical question. Would the ORDO ever move from SL? I'm thinking it would be difficult to find an online community with a 1) steady stream of new folks, 2)with the flexibility in building and development of SL. But if there was an online community completely dedicated to variety in battle/combat situations that had much larger areas to fight in, it would be very appealing.
  14. the CG is a little wacky, but the naval battles themselves are quite epic. 2/5 is where the fleet to fleet warfare begins. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YQzxsFtNdk&feature=relmfu