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    History, Music, Literature, Art, Philosophy, Design, interacting with people, gaming, teamwork, and killing people who do not like to interact or work as a team.
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  1. Agares Tretiak

    Eve Online

    There's no way to merge the two.CCP (EVE Online's creators) use Steam as a distribution method and possibly for billing. But beyond that, I don't think they link up much at all. CCP tends to be rather jealous of its control over its IP and its profits.
  2. Agares Tretiak

    Windows 10

    Try "Open the pod bay doors, Hal." Also ask her if she speaks Klingon. Both are amazing.
  3. I've got my own blog now! It's about tanks and other stuff that interests me:

    1. Xoza


      Some interesting stuff there, I like the camo video. X)

    2. Agares Tretiak
  4. Agares Tretiak

    Eight Years

    I am Agares. I remember when all of this was ocean. Ocean created by Keno flooding the sim so he could drive his boat. I've seen things you wouldn't believe. AN ships on fire off the beltway of Tethys, Brazilians glittering in the darkness near BOPE's base. All these memories are lost, like bullets in a raid on Titan.
  5. Aye. You're essentially paying for access to the product, rather than full ownership. The license for even hard-copy games is attached to the disc and that's why burning a copy can be considered theft if you're selling the copies or handing them out to friends. Digital licenses run the gamut on how they're set up, for instance on the Xbox systems, your Xbox LIVE account is technically leased and not owned by you. This allows Microsoft to enforce various policies that help it regulate the service, since they technically own all the accounts people have made. That said, many companies generally try to treat customers with the same sort of services and policies that you'd have as direct owners of the product, though if they are forced into a corner or wish to, they can enforce, at any time, their technical rights of ownership and revoke or otherwise protect the license. The key issue then is that the company in question with this situation will likely lose a lot of its credibility and risks losing support from the people who've helped make them successful. They clearly need to rethink how they're treating their customers, even if they've the technical right to do what they did.
  6. If you think I'm easily bribed...
  7. Agares Tretiak


    Ah, that's unfortunate. I'm a big fan of simulator combat.
  8. Agares Tretiak

    Character Screenshots

    My character from FF XIV.
  9. Agares Tretiak

    Im baaaaack~

    Hey, you old so and so. How about a little bout of murder for old time's sake?
  10. Having cookies is not the same as sharing them, however. I see through your clever ploy.
  11. Agares Tretiak

    Why do you love Ordo?

    A cover up from whom? Because I know exactly who killed him. And if it was a cover-up, his 'unfortunate' cake murder would have been passed off as some sort of culinary induced accident, rather than suspected of foul play.
  12. Agares Tretiak

    I am old and grumpy.

  13. Agares Tretiak

    Fite me

  14. Agares Tretiak

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    ^ Until I see significant changes in how these games work, it doesn't matter how intriguing the story is if it feels like I'm playing a game so easy, it was meant for six year olds.
  15. Agares Tretiak

    Fite me


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