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  1. Ashbourne

    Windows 10

    I'd rather pay more for the OS itself than a subscription for bugs to be fixed that the same entity charging for the fixes let slip past in the first place. Ironically, Apple isn't directly charging for their OS or their office suite. There needs to be more competition to Microsoft, shame that won't happen in a while.
  2. Ashbourne

    Windows 10

    I'd stay far away from Windows 10 for the time being. Microsoft is openly considering switching to a platform as a service, pay per month/year for your security updates model. That alongside the "one modular windows 10 for any area of application" sounds like a reliable, proven recipe for doom. Anyone remember blue screens on some kinds of ATMs, POS terminals and other insane applications where they thought using windows 95 and XP was a good idea? Have a rummage around technet before you move to 10.
  3. Ashbourne

    yes hello

    The things constipation can do to people. Or their facial expressions, for that matter.
  4. I tip my hat to your outstanding dedication, good sir!
  5. Ashbourne

    Agricultural Simulator: 2011

    No Sim City? And Railroad Tycoon? Those were the days.
  6. Ashbourne

    2 reasons why I may once again pick up blender.

    For some people actually owning a license is a concern, though, fatality.
  7. Ashbourne

    Weekly Meeting Log: 08OCT11

    Please do excuse that messy original log, that was my bad. The issue is taken care of now though.
  8. Ashbourne

    Weekly Meeting Log: 08OCT11

    :o Did this come out of the OrdoDat?
  9. Ashbourne

    Rest In Peace...

    Depends what kind of news you're looking at. Also, the man just died, it's going to take a few days until the real obituaries show up, the ones that paint balanced pictures. Yes he was a visionary in the sense that he kept pursuing things everyone else thought were folly, which he then turned into successes. On the other hand he did have disingenuous tendencies as a business person. One example, getting a 5k USD cheque for a programming job Woz did, and paying him 500 USD, not mentioning the full sum he got. That was in the pre Apple days. And Apple has been one of the toughest and most unforgiving places to work at under Steve. But still most of the people who do are intensely passionate about working there, because of what they're working on. Can't paint people in black and white.
  10. Ashbourne


    I loved the original, one of my favorites at the time.
  11. Ashbourne

    Quotes of Win

    [08:51] (COM): Morh Giffen: Is our KOS policy on my little pony avatars in effect yet? [08:51] (COM): Andriste Nesiote: No Morh. [08:51] (COM): Andriste Nesiote: No it is not. [08:52] (COM): Zero Itamae: That would be a fun policy though Morh :( [08:58] (COM): Andriste Nesiote: Also Morh, the reason the pony KOS isn't in effect is that the My Little Sparkly Glue Factory isn't operational yet.
  12. Ashbourne

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    Push To Talk AND it's on by default - thank GOD
  13. So he was actually portraying Rocky's girlfriend, and that at the end was him screaming "ADRIAAAAN ADRIAAAAN"?
  14. Apparently he didn't get the set of aluminum rims he wanted for his birthday.....

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