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    [Ordo] Streaming Online Live

    I would love to get involved in this and would love to know more on how to get involved.
  2. Streleks


    Hello Ladies and Gents, for those of you who don't know me yet my name's Streleks. You may find I spend most of my time online playing Planetside 2. I have a wide variety of other games as well and look forward to meeting all of you. Also if you desire to add me on Steam my username is "Streleks" or Skype my username is "Sgt.ryanx" Don't be shy! See ya on the flip side
  3. Streleks

    ~|You Laugh, You Lose|~

    I figured it's time for a 'You Laugh, You Lose' thread. Everyone should know how these function. Funny pictures, you laugh, you lose. Quote what made you laugh so people know ahead of time.
  4. Streleks

    Completely true facts. Totally.

    Zrazor only got his post because Aryte deleted mine about his wedding dress.
  5. Streleks

    Completely true facts. Totally.

    Aryte edited this post because he's omnipotent and I'm a jerk.
  6. Streleks

    Anthrocon 2010 - The Truth...

    I lol'd before I read the thread. At first I was =) and then I was )= a while. But then I thought of Navis and went =) again.
  7. Since I talk about them I decided to take some pictures and put them together into one thread. Enjoy the insane collection of games that I call my own in the world of Canada. I know some of them are broken, scratched, or have odd marks. I usually keep them stored into a case and have cleaned each when I bought it. I do also give them a good dust-check once every week, and everything in my collection works. Just some have a few issues with missing pieces.
  8. Streleks

    Xayvien's Game Collection

    I need to update these photos myself. I got more games (Mostly original Playstation, Gamecube, and Wii titles) and cleaned up a lot more of the beaten cartridges seen here.
  9. Streleks

    Xayvien's Game Collection

    You totally should.
  10. Streleks

    Xayvien's Game Collection

    Going to be the Negromancer on this, since I want to post new pictures sometime shortly.
  11. Streleks

    Staring Contest.

  12. Streleks

    Things you hate about the ordo

    I hate the people who stand side-by-side not speaking in IM's with one-another. Across the meeting room from one-another, or in the armory AFK on separate sides. Also those people who stand silent together on the defensive line, split apart during combat, and then run back together (Or close) when the hostile is dead.
  13. Streleks

    The "Happy Birthday <name>!" Thread

    I made this joke once already, but... I'm going to hire two women to jump out of a toaster for him.
  14. Streleks

    Quotes of Win

    "We cannot reason with the unreasonable." "But we can carpet bomb them, which is fun to watch."
  15. Streleks

    Staring Contest.

    We have started something wonderful, Trinity. Also, COMBO BREAKER.
  16. Streleks

    Kytec's Great Dr. Pepper Raid.

    I want to take a whores bath in that Dr. Pepper.

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