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    San Carlos, California, United States
  1. Mikael Khalamov

    Welcome, AN!

    Never thought I'd see that happen, haha. I hope it helps the AN get back on its feet and all.
  2. Mikael Khalamov

    Good at Windows XP tech support?

  3. Mikael Khalamov

    Good at Windows XP tech support?

    Alright. I've got a bit of an issue. A serious one, I wager. Whenever I try to start up the computer, it just goes into a continuous cycle of getting to the XP splash screen thingy with the moving bar at the bottom, and then rebooting. I managed to get to the Windows Advanced Options menu and selected "Disable automatic restart on system failure". Doing so brought up a blue screen on boot with the following message: STOP: c000021a {fatal system error} The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000135 (0x00000000 0x00000000) The system has been shut down. Also, starting in safe mode or debugging mode or boot logging or VGA mode all does auto-reboot. I tried to use the CD that came with the system to try to boot it, but the only options are to wipe out C: and start over, wipe out the whole computer and start over, or reconfigure RAID. I do not want to start from scratch. Help?
  4. Mikael Khalamov


    I started EVE fairly recently as well. Name of Lensati Selrak.
  5. Mikael Khalamov

    Chaos Roster: 10JUNE09

  6. Mikael Khalamov

    Handbook Exam A.2: Read - Important - 26MAR09

    Crikey, didn't even see this. I'll get on it. D:
  7. Mikael Khalamov

    Oldest Game you Still Play

    X-Com: UFO Defense is the oldest video game I play, I believe.
  8. Mikael Khalamov

    WOuld it be bad...?

    Bad idea. You can bet that within a week there'd be a dozen insulting entries with higher thumbs-up ratings.
  9. Mikael Khalamov

    Wait, how fast?

    Oh you pirate you.
  10. Mikael Khalamov

    Retirement etc

    You'll always be my favorite Centurion Sodmizer [sic].
  11. Mikael Khalamov

    Heads Up

    You do realize soccer isn't an exclusively Latin American sport, right? And that it's the most popular sport in the world, right?
  12. Mikael Khalamov

    Heads Up

    I resent that. Soccer is a better game than any of the crap that's been cooked up over here.
  13. Mikael Khalamov

    Which division shall I join?

    We do better pew pew on the ground though. It's all about the Pentiums baby. Terra.
  14. Mikael Khalamov

    Videos of Epic Win
  15. Mikael Khalamov

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine


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