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  1. Anlysia Gregoire

    Computer Support: Questions Help & More

    I have a G35 and it's half-busted, and the earpads are worn out. Too much in the guts due to it being USB to fix it, and can't get replacement earpads without bitching at Logitech. I'm ogling an Astro Gaming headset for my next one, because they're actually designed with replaceable parts.
  2. Anlysia Gregoire

    Epic Rap Battles Of History

  3. Anlysia Gregoire

    Remember when...

    - That time Krow and I found the hole in the Vae Victus armory and went ATV cloud-surfing.
  4. Anlysia Gregoire

    Card Contest

    Anlysia card: Makes your own stuff worse for the sake of balance.
  5. Anlysia Gregoire

    Ordo Idol (Karaoke Contest) - Win Prizes and QP

    Kanaki, stop using Ruin's account.
  6. Anlysia Gregoire

    Recruitment: Munitorum Adjutants

    Post something then. Let it never be said I actually gave a shit about protocol when it came to getting things done. If you look good, you can get the same shot as anyone else.
  7. Anlysia Gregoire

    Over two years of service?

    I'm just past two, so, anyone who was around with me fits the bill.
  8. Anlysia Gregoire

    My IPhone.

  9. Anlysia Gregoire

    Contest: Pick my plate.

    I already told you what you're getting. OKLPREZ
  10. Anlysia Gregoire

    Bricks = shat

    Unfortunately I ruined it by looking at it on my phone first.
  11. Anlysia Gregoire

    Finally got the tool I needed . .

    If it's like a six-sided star, that's Torx. If it's a six-sided start with a shaft in the middle, that's Security Torx. Looks purty.
  12. Anlysia Gregoire

    Computer's Screwed

    I use a USB stick with Ubuntu on it to boot to when shit goes awry. And also keep an image file of Win7 on one of my drives so I can burn it from said Ubuntu if I can't find one of my many copies I've burned and then not-labelled and promptly lost. ;)
  13. Anlysia Gregoire

    Discussion of Chat included in Combat Gestures

    You can also Whisper instead of Say. Whisper only has a 5m range, so unless you're standing on top of someone nobody else will hear it.

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