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Altus Nirvana

"till december folks

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So, im on my final night to fully sleep, and im too lit to do so properly, probably wont be able to sleep in any. My xbox just red ringed on me and its ALL MY FfffING RAGE. So Ill be taking it to the grenade range for repairs.

So I be shipping down to Ft.Sill as my big army adventure dosent even break the 100 mile range from home, but still for all intents and puroses will take me away from normality and set me forth on an adventure n' the like.

I outta have sunday as a full normal day, ill check in at the hotel and then leave till curfew, annnd that'll be it. Ill try to pop in and be cool sunday but if not (as things change) im writing this to let everyone know officially n' all, personally.

I know my activity hasent been like, the best due to prepping all these months for it and its like every time I show up I seemed to exist just to stick cattle prods down the pants of anyone I could see underwear exposed or chase people down for OIC relief, or stabbing someone for hugging me (For all I knew the person could have been trying to pull the pins on my grenades) etc.

So for the time being I humbly appologize for fighting with anyone or general soapbox'ing, looking like I was specifically targetting you or what not, totally wasent, and its been never anything personal....least too personal. :P

So anyways, incase I dont make it back to activity and go for a deployment, thats what this spiel be about. Again thanks for the going away festivities thursday night and to all who made it happen and showed up, your all in a funky, at times dysfunctional group thats been a rather perfect family away from family and ive appreciated the freindships and bonds solidified within this organization.

Much appreciated for everything, the comraderie has been 2nd to none, from the polished classy types to the "hey, wanna hear a dirty joke?" folks. To the ones who work behind the scenes, and the ones who just want to use the largest hammer they can find.

After tomarrow (15OCT2011) ill be seein' you folks in December and by then only time will tell, personally id like some time to be posted and get my bearings, but one can never know for sure n' all.

I hear about a few others here and there within ordo that are considering service, talking to recruiters, my advice to you all is do your homework and take it serious. Its a whole new life your starting, a whole new class in society. Pay attention to the recruiter, recruiters arent bad guys, but can be like a used car salesman at times, or just unknowledgable on some details. They're still humans after all, so compare answers with folks who been in, are still in, community websites n' the like. Get involved in a Future Soldiers program if you enlist, itll get you fit for Basic with the bonus of being able to go home after 2hr, plus if you finish the online modules and pass a PT test, you can begin basic training as a Private First Class, its extra money on a temporarily small paycheck thatll be hit with pay advances and paying off the college money. Do Press for the college cash, and make sure you you apt for a duty that provides a trade skill at somepoint in your career, if you get out, hopefully voluntary and not medically or DD'd youll want something that you can literally fall back on. /2 cents

Anyways its getting finally too late in the night for me, and I just wanted to say a final piece to everyone as a whole

Take care everyone and take care of each other

postedit : my skype username is magnumlsc, if yer intrested in harassing me or being babbled at when I get the opportunity

also, a half ass made Facebook page!/profile.php?id=1133932270

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*brainfart, ment to edit original post*

Think someone tried to add me on facebook, and I declined it because im still in the middle of a giant brainfart, my bad, totally try again if your not offended

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