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Xang Xiao

Back in action.

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Hi everyone.  I have been gone for a very long time.  I got involved with Ordo even before Ordo was Ordo.  I started out in a group with Aryte and then splintered off with him to the "Novus Ordo Imperialis".  In the NOI I was a division leader within Terra (Centurion).  I ran "Levitas" and we were a pretty tight nit group.  After a while NOI went away and we moved on to a new venture.  Titan Industries; in which I helped out with public relations.  Then something exciting happened.  Aryte decided to get back into the SL military scene.  So the Ordo Imperialis was born.  I was lucky enough to get picked up as the Legates (O-3) of Terra.  It was fun times for me and we did a lot of things.  I finally stepped down and temperarily retired.  Then I came back once and finally decided to retire perminently.  Since they I have been off doing my own thing and mainly focusing on my job/family.  I have been promoted (I am USAF) a few times and think I am finally at my last assignment before I retire.  Well it is good to be back.  My XBL GT is: Eques A Spe


*NOTE:  I might be off a little on the history but it is close.  BTW want to thank Soulbinder Wolfstein for picking up the slack during my first retirement.

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