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Looking for a new monitor

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Used to use 2, LG 21" Widescreen, only have one now that I use (other one stopped working years ago) and don't turn on my extended monitors unless I really need them. My current LG will be an extension. But I'm looking for something larger (27" probably) now. Anyone have any recommendations?

  • Name brand or semi-name brand. (I've been looking at LG, Samsung and AOC)

  • Bigger the better. (likely to be around 27")

  • Higher resolution the better. (Within the price range, it'll probably just be 1080)

  • No more than $200

  • Lower ms the better. (prefer 4 or less)

What are your experiences? What do you have?

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Guest Afevis

$219 (after rebate) - Asus VE278H 27"


200 is right at the line where you can't really progress further than 24" unless you're looking for off-brand monitors that I can't really guarantee the quality on, if you're able to go over that just a little bit it'd work.


I can recommend any of these myself, I've used this line up until a year and a half ago when I upgraded to my 46"1080p@60Hz 2.1ms Samsung screens.

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Just any FYI, I have an Asus with speakers and if you have a usb mic it may get EM interference from the speakers.


This is the one I have: (Almost 2 years old) The EM is the only problem I've had other than that its great. Might want to look into G-sync monitors or aim for a higher resolution or refresh rate if you are going to bother with a new monitor now.

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