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  1. Loki Cramer

    MPOChief saying hi

    Ah yes of course Master Piety Officer Chief John 117.
  2. Loki Cramer

    Over two years of service?

    Fill in the gaps almost 6 years here yo. I feel like puting my finger in the air, like a number one kind of guy.yeah its what was it
  3. Loki Cramer

    Six Years: A Look at the Past

    I went rogue at some point in there. I think it was late 2007
  4. Loki Cramer

    Planetside 2

    also a quote from the gameplay last night " while we were preparing tank wave 2, there was a guy a few meters away yelling over prox chat " EVERYONE GET IN GALAXYS JUST DO IT!!!" I thought nothing of it, just a newb. 2 min later, 12-15 galaxys were buzzing above our heads while that same guy was playing flight of the valkyries" all the galaxys at once started flying in one direction while us in tanks followed from the ground. all in all, around 15 galaxys and 8 or so TR tanks charged into battle. was a sight to see.
  5. Loki Cramer

    Planetside 2

    The twitter "IS" still giving away some keys, no where near the amount they were before. toss them a tweet, mention that there are a bunch of us, also make sure if you have not already you sign up for the beta on the ps2 website, because those people that did are starting to get in now.
  6. Loki Cramer

    Planetside 2

    Funny as Ffff. Thank you, you made me laugh quite hard at work.
  7. Loki Cramer

    EVE: DUST 514

    I just read this entire thread, And what did I take from it? nothin, nothin at all.
  8. Loki Cramer

    Battle Buddies

    Wrong those would be the staff Xoza, the back seat bitches if you would. A battle buddy would be another fleetship flying with you. Period. Thread closed. The navis CO has spoken.
  9. Loki Cramer

    Ron Bleac's art thread

    Is this the forum for tastefull nudes? I think Im going to draw up some tastefull nudes.
  10. Loki Cramer

    Planetside 2

    I am very salty lol, krow got his beta key from me, but oh well, 1 to 2 weeks isnt to bad.
  11. Loki Cramer


  12. Loki Cramer


    yeah most members either go to school or work full time, so with the combination, prime daytime hours are going to be totally dead until the evening. I am at work as I type this. Like an OG triple triple. peace yall Loki out sheeeet dawgs.... west side.
  13. Loki Cramer

    Battle Buddies

    Yeah, When navis opens I want fleet ships to fly in pairs. just because your in a huge giant ship covered in cannons and missiles doesnt mean you fly alone. Navis CO has spoken.
  14. Loki Cramer

    Damn Loki Is Sexy QP points earned here!!

    First prize also comes with a video I shot while working, IRL it involves pigeons attacking me in an abandon building, noone has seen it before.
  15. Loki Cramer

    Damn Loki Is Sexy QP points earned here!!

    Good the people not in the group didnt need to see this sensuall massage of a post anyway.

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