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  1. Entry 6: Deja Vu Well, I haven't done one of these in a bit. Not a lot of free time. Anyway, got entry 6 done, so here it is: I started playing, trying to remember what I was doing and how I was doing. Ended up checking my last entry to figure it out. Anyway, about 10 seconds after unpausing the game, Xoza demanded that NO BOLTS SHOULD LEAVE THE FORT! Xoza... really? We had just finished making those bolts you asked for! A little bit later, Xevrand got possessed! He claimed a craftdwarf's workshop and, after grabbing some things, started to mutter Bisekumer and worked non stop. We'll see what comes out of it. One thing that I was doing was search for a cavern. Normally, you just dig down and you find them with ease. Why would I be looking for a cavern that could contain all sorts of nasty beasts and stuff that wants to kill me? Water. The first cavern layer is usually pretty tame, and I need water for emergencies, which can be easily found in caverns. Dwarves can drink ale and beer non stop, and that's fine, but if one gets injured, they'll only take water. And I'm on a frozen biome all year long. Initially, I thought I missed the cavern digging down. Then I dug another tunnel a bit to the side, and another one... I'm starting to think I don't have a cavern layer... this could become a really big problem later on. Remember all that steel I was talking about? The first bars started to pop up! Making steel is a difficult proccess. First, you need some type of iron ore. Smelting hematite gives you 4 bars of iron. Then, you need to make pig iron bars. For that, you need 1 iron bar, 1 flux stone and 1 unit of fuel for the carbon. You also need fuel to power the forge, but I have magma, so it's all good. That yields 1 pig iron bar. After that, to make the steel, you need 1 iron bar, 1 pig iron bar, 1 unit of flux stone, 1 unit of fuel, again for the carbon, fuel for the forge(magma) and that produces 2 bars of steel! Yes, annoying proccess. In the end, steel is just iron with the right amount of carbon on it. Xevrand finished his project! It turned out to be a tetrahedrite amulet! Here's what it reads: As I was ready to stop, babies! Lots of them! AGAIN! THEY DON'T STOP COMING!! Don't ask me, never experienced this in any other fort.
  2. So, I've had people tell me looking at the game is confusing. I do not blame you. Unfortunately, I am really bad at explaining this, therefore I shall point you to this video: [spoiler] I contains a tiny little bit of crude humor, but should be fine for everyone. That version of the game is outdated though. So some things will look different, for example: trees gained actual size and are no longer represented by a Spade, but instead the trunk is represented by an O and maybe the branchs by a _ or an -. The video doesn't explain everything, but if you think you can exercise your imagination a bit more, great! If you feel like you'll still be super confused, I would like to know. How many would prefer me to use a tileset and ruin the games art so that you can understand it better?
  3. Entry 5: Time rewards, but takes it's toll This session started slow. I decided to engrave the rest of the bedrooms and start a second barracks for some archers. Nothing happened for a couple minutes, and that migrant wave I was scared of was small, so no big deal. Finally got my smelters and forges built, so we are ready to start the smelting! I realized it took way longer than it should have for me to make those. Right to the left of that main corridor, I dug a little room for stockpiling (not shown on the picture) things like Iron Bars, Pig Iron Bars, Steel Bars, Hematite, Charcoal, Marble (it's the only type of flux stone I have) and other little things. My dwarves have A LOT of hauling to do, specially because they need to bring that marble up from the tunnels down below. Progress was made, but time takes it's toll. First, one of our animals was found dead, I had no idea what did it, but I had my suspicions. Right after that, a moment of pure sadness, a child's death. Remember that child that went melancholic? Depression made him not want to eat or drink, leading to his death. Not a minute later, my suspicions were confirmed. A wild animal, a polar bear, was the one that killed my animal. He now attack a dwarf. It was grim, the corpse was mutilated. I shall not go into further detail. I prepared more room in the graveyard. Purple notifications are bad notifications. I think you can guess why. Nothing interesting happened for a couple minutes. Then Xoza demanded the production of bolts! You really love your bolts don't you Xoza? I guess it's for the best. I need to prepare my archers, that's why I also ordered my dwarves to make some leather armor for them. Steel armor for the other dwarves on the military will come as soon as I get steel. More to come soon.
  4. Entry 4: More of everything I started this session by naming two dwarves. One, Achtai, on Xoza's request and Lanny, who got to be Chief Medical Dwarf because Kavia didn't want it (you are still maried to Keller, Kavia). Can I get more names please? Anyway, a couple minutes later, another strange mood! This time, a child. And the little bastard request the WORST POSSIBLE MATERIAL EVER. Shells. It's really really really hard to get shells. Almost impossible actually, and only dwarves that like shells will request shells when they are struck by a mood. Not surprisingly, I didn't meet the requirements. Fortunately, the little guy only went melancholic, so all he did was throw his cloths away and complain about how he would never, ever again do something like the project he had in mind. I continued to smooth and engrave and make everything super pretty, because XOZA AND LEMONCOLA'S WIFE REALLY BADLY WANT SHINNY STUFF. I hate nobles... Have a look at what you made me do: It's all beautiful and engraved and.. ergh... Actually, in that same picture, if you look on that room west of the engraved kitchen (tiles with white background are engraved), where most dwarves are at, you will see my barracks. I've gotta get that military going, otherwise things are going to get baaaad... really soon. Anyway, finally done smoothing and engraving stone. Even did that to the graveyard and hospital (Which I finished by the way. You have a place to work at now Lanny!). Well, I thought it was time to start my steel production, finally. So... all I have to do, is open up the volcano. Who's the lucky winner... Nuzzy or Firefox? FIREFOX! And (s)he was carrying a baby! His(her) baby! I was going to feel really bad about that... because on my first try, I tried just digging from the side, and the liquid pressure just poured the lava onto him. I feel like the gods were watching over Firefox, because the game crashed a couple seconds after that. I loaded up the save and this time did it correctly, channeling from above. Firefox did his job, both (the baby included, of course) are safe and the magma chamber for the forges is filling up. Woot! everything went alright. Time to close the ga-- What? MIGRANTS? BUT I JUST GOT SOME AND FINISHED THE BEDROOMS! NOT THE MIGRANTS!!! NOT LIKE THIS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
  5. Sorry for the lack of updates you peoples. Haven't had time, and DF is something I like to do in sessions, long ones at that, and if I can't guarantee I'll be playing for enough time, I don't even start.
  6. Kavia.... I have like 40 free dwarves with no names. DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT THAT. Also, I'm giving him the chief medical dwarf if you want...
  7. Are you sure Kavia? :( We're just having fun... ALSO, it could be a lot worse. You could be 78 years old and not enjoy any kind of wine, love hugging elves and having globin plushes.
  8. I actually see that too Kavia. You had 7 children... And I'm pretty sure not all of them were with Keller, because Keller arrived at the fort unmarried and had no childs :)
  9. You are married to Keller :P. Also, you are a mom of 7...
  10. I looked it up, and you are the first father. By that I mean, Valos' child is your child. CONGRATS!
  11. Entry 3.5: A bonus. To population. I traded with my first human caravan. They are hard to crack at first, but they bring a lot of goodies like leather, for cheap. I sense a good relationship coming. Right after that, I started to engrave Xoza's quarters and I found this particular one right here which I thought I would share because it looked interesting. Dwarf Fortress has a lot of depth to it. That engraving talks about this fortress. There's and entire world out there. Xoza, I would like to name that Logem Asëndesor. Any idea? A couple minutes later, while making some more progress, Aldotsk had a baby, congrats! And then I had one! And then Kavia had one, and then Firefox had one, and then Gavriel had one, and then Shizzerk... Don't ask, I have no clue. We had like 6 births in a period of 8 seconds, never saw that before. And right after that baby explosion, migrants! Oh, the joy...
  12. Entry 3: The Tides of Innovation Deadmon was getting desperate. I had to do something. I wasn't going to lose another so quick so early. I decided do cancel all jobs my miners had and dug down. Found some silver ore. That was actually a surprise, but an amazing one at that. Preparing the iron would take too much time. But silver? A couple orders away. I quickly demanded that my dwarves built a Smelter, a normal one, not a magma one. I ordered the production of a couple pieces of charcoal. Now all I needed was that my dwarves got the silver ready. It took some time, but it was quick enough. Deadmon rushed and grabbed the silver bar and immediatly began his mysterious construction. He shouted constinously: "Ushul ìtdìm" and worked non-stop. After some time, Ushul ìtdìm was created: a groundhog bone cage. It may not seem like much, but things like this are probably worth more than 10 refined gems combined. It shall not be sold though, it was created in our fortress and shall stay here. In the mean time, we had a little surprise. Congratulations going to Valos, you are the proud parent of a new baby dwarf! I have no idea who the father is so... uhm... Good luck? That baby probably won't reach working age. FPS death happens before that. Oh, the joy, everything turned out fine right? Deadmon built us something great, Valos is the lastest mother on the fortress and Xoza has become the mayor... WAIT WHAT? While I was distracted, this huge wave of migrants arrived. My population rose from 26 to 50. That upgraded the fort, and so a mayor was elected. Later on, royalty will look towards this fortress. Ohhh it will be !FUN!... Now Xoza needs better quarters and a baroness arrived with that migration too, so one that's more nice bedroom that needs to be built. Because of this I decided to smooth and then engrave all the stone on my kitchen and bedrooms. I gave most of those useless migrants the ability to do so. Progress has begun. Also, XOZA YOU ARE ANNOYING. WHY CAN'T I EXPORT BOLTS? Notice those walls look a bit different? That's smooth stone. Nothing engraved here yet. Because we had such a big population increase, I had to set up a military squad, and because of that a barracks. Those are both being worked on. Xevrand is the proud leader of my first squad. Congratulations! Also, because military dwarves require equipment, I decided to start my steel production early, it's also being worked on. BY THE WAY. Dwarves get injured, so we need a hospital, which means we need a chief medical dwarf. Kavia, you're up. You have no skill and never touched an injured dwarf. You'll have to Diagnose, treat diseases, fix broken bones and try to save that one dwarf that will eventually come with his left leg missing and his chest cut open, the sword still stuck in it. GOOD LUCK! Feel like I'm pumping these out too quick? Yap, I played a lot today. I'm going to try and not post them TOO frequently so I can MAYBE keep some interest in. ALSO, I have a lot of free spots for names. I'd like sugestions please. Just throw names at me and I'll rename some dwarves. TY :)
  13. Entry 2: The future is near After these nice replies, I decided to get up early and do a bit more, see what I could get out of it. I'm going to try and point some things out so the pictures make more sense :) Beggining the day, I finished my bedrooms. Some of you didn't have beds yet, the last migrant wave caught me by surprise. Everything should be sorted out now. "WAIT, Angelin, I don't understand that picture AT ALL!" Let me explain some of what is in it: The smiley faces are your dwarves. Beings like dogs, humans, elves, giant mudereous toads, are represented by letters of different type and color. For example, elves are represented by "e", humans by "Ü". Other simbols just represent the world. The more roundish 8s there are beds, for example. Use your imagination :) Oh yeah, on that picture, Xoza organized a party at our dining room. At the same time, an elven caravan arrived. I hate elves, they are useless and complain about everything and I'm going to murder them all when they come trade. While people were partying with Xoza, Odin had to go outside on the snowstorm to trade with the fruity cannibalistic tree huging spawns from hell elves. I only got some food out of it... great... Right after that, I procceded into training some hunting dogs, brought two with me when I embarked on the journey. Being both hunters, me and Huttser got each a dog. I have to say the meat stockpiles increased a lot. I started digging out my future smithing area. Nuzzy and Firefox are in trouble. More on that later :) "A dwarf was taken by a fey mood". Deadmon. What does it mean to be taken by a fey mood? Moods in DF are what happens when your dwarf gets to the next level of inspired. The dwarf will claim a workshop and sit there demanding materials for some crazy build. The build will allways turn out to be an artifact and it's value will be high. There is a slight problem though. The dwarves require materials right? Deadmon is screaming for bones, rocks and metals bars. My forges are not ready, I have no metal. If a dwarf taken by a mood doesn't recieve the demanded goods in time, a couple things could happen. They could withdraw from society, which means they'll be reclusive. They could get melancholic. Or, things could turn out for the worse: they could go berserk and start attacking everyone and everything, at which point I'll have to assign military to put them down. I don't have metal bars and the forges are not CLOSE to being done. I expect the worse... On a more happy note, to end this entry, Aryte is considered the official drunk now. Odin told me yesterday that having Aryte as my brewer wasn't a great idea. I'm starting to agree. I saw Aryte brewing some drink and taking it to the stockpile, and right after bringing that entire barrel of ale down to the kitchen and drinking it all by himself. Moments later, he went upstairs to brew some more... Damn dude, how much can you take?
  14. Oh yeah, it's going to be a long read. Maybe worth your time, maybe not. Try it out if you can :) So, the first question that probably is going to come to mind when clicking on this post, for most people anyways, is: "What?" I have played Dwarf Fortress for some time now. I'm not good at it, at all, but I find it entertaining and would maybe like to share some of it with the nice folks on Ordo, and I plan on doing something like a diary, with random updates on random intervals. Most of you will read this part, maybe take a look at the rest, and not be interested ever again. I personally don't care, even if nobody reads, don't feel bad, I don't expect you to read it anyway, especially because DF is not a game for everyone. Maybe I should explain what it is first huh? Introduction (Skip this if you understand the basic concept of the game) The gamemode I shall be playing is the default gamemode: Dwarf Fortress. The concept is simple: you start with 7 dwarves and try to establish an outpost, a fort, for your civilization. The game requires you to take care of a great deal of things, like: food, water, temperature, happiness, invasions(sieges or ambushes), diplomacy, etc, etc. Most of the bad things in the game will be described as !FUN!. Why Fun? Because the game's motto is: "Losing is fun!". You'll lose in so many ways and you get no mercy, just have to start over, the fun is too big. Initially, your fort will be slow and calm (most of the time anyway), until you start to increase your population. The main way to do so is migrants, childs take years to grow and once that time comes, it's probably too late for your beautiful fortress. You can pick what stats your first 7 dwarves come with, migrants are randomized, so you'll have to work with what you get. Here's a fun part: you can give your dwarves nicknames, and I'm giving my dwarves Ordo names, I'll talk about that later. I feel like I could spend years explaning the game, therefore I'll not do it, I'll not get in depth with my explations, and all my "diary entries" will be written in a way most people would understand. Now, if you managed to stick until here, this could scare you off: the game's main graphics are... ASCII. Yes, there are tilesets, but I'm not using any. Understanding what is going on is going to be hard, but I'll try to point things out. Entry 1: A fort starts to rise I started a new fort earlier today and played around with it, about 2 hours or so. Enough to get past the initial boringness. I started in a Taiga, the snow never melts, even in summer. Getting water is going to be difficult, but I already have something going. The picture below shows the first level of my floor. It's dug in sand, because it's easy and doesn't leave anything behind that would take time for my dwarves to haul. I've got a Trade Depot outside, and just made my first trade with the Mountainhomes. The rest are basicly workshops, stockpiles and a couple farms. Underground yes, plump helmets are awesome. For now, I shouldn't need to get actual water, brewing drink from plants will be enough unless I get an injury of some kind. Then I'll have a problem. I dug down 1 Z level, found myself some stone to work with. There I dug a dining room and some basic bedrooms. Dwarves need a place to sleep. Why in rock this time? Because you can smooth and engrave rock, and dwarves like their kitchens and bedrooms all engraved and such. One more Z level down and look at what I found: Hematite. Iron ore. And I have a flux stone layer on this area, which means I can make steel later on. GREAT. You can see some of my mining here. As I've said, Dwarf Fortress is cruel, and your dwarves are going to die, at one point or another. Unfortunately, deaths this early can be bad, bad bad. One of my miners was hauling some stone to the workshops when suddenly, on the Z level above, a tree fell down. The log crush the ground under it, making a hole and falling on my dwarf. It was quick, there was nothing else that could be done. I started to dig a graveyard area for the future. Just wish I didn't have to start so early. The dwarf's tomb is already in place. This particular spot has a lot going for it. Why? It has metals, flux stone and most imporatly: a volcano. The volcano will allow me to easily power my furnaces later on and I should save up on a lot of fuel when smelting and crafting things. Also, lava is fun and I can and probably will turn it into a weapon at some point. This is my progress so far. Then I had this ideia, let's name all my dwarves after Ordo people: I put the names in a random, for the most part. I didn't check for gender or anything. If someone does not want their name in here for any reason (or no reason), tell me, and I will remove it. If you know someone that will NOT read this and has their name in there, tell them and ask if they're okay with it. If they're not... Anyway, I'll not name the childs, they don't deserve real names yet. If someone else wants their name in here, just tell me, I'll be happy to put it in on the next wave of migrants. Some of you I don't even talk to, I just picked your name at random, maybe looking through people that were on TS3 at the time or had a recent post on the forums. First day conclusions I'll post these randomly, and I don't how frequently either, I guess I'll just update it every once and a while. Also, most entries will not be this long. I wanted to introduct a bit of the game on this one. Most updates will contain at most 1 or 2 pictures and 1 or 2 paragraphs. I'd appreciate your support, maybe just a happy comment or some type of crazy idea for me to do. Thanks for reading this first entry. More to come soon. (Hopefully) :D
  15. Woot! APs! For things and stuffs!
  17. Dude, run away! Quick! Clear browser history, delete cookies and get away from technology for a while. After that, come back and never, EVER AGAIN open up one of those games. It lures you, and when you know it, you have spent 8 years of your life, clicking, having to buy a new mouse every week, rooting on the deepweb for a new clicky bot, a more efficient one. You get two mouses and an assistant to help you click. You do it non-stop. You've already lost count of how many macros you have running at the same time and the last time you saw the Sun was so long ago your skin is now more pale than the most clear snow. And when you think about going outside, you are like: "Okay, just one more click... Alright, just this one more... one more... one more.. (...)". And that pattern repeats, until you have forgotten everything; Until you have forgotten what it means to live and be along with other living things; Until you have forgotten the smell of fresh air and the scent of flowers; Until you have forgotten the beautiful sunsets; Until you have forgotten all that you ever loved; Until you have forgotten your own self. Save yourself while you have time. Only you can do it.
  18. Interesting... now: 1: Is it free or not? The site has a buy option, but you can still download it? Hum? 2: How much does it copy from minecraft? (Obvious question since blocks, we gotta know right?) 3: That video shows a lot of content, how much is actually in it right now? TY for possibly answering :)
  19. If you want cookies, you can ask for cookies. Here: Just forget the whole world domination thing right? It really doesn't work out...
  20. I vote for something F2P so we can get the maximum amount of people and they don't have an excuse not to play.
  21. I think Nuzzy deserves a prize just for the sheer awesomeness of this story...
  22. Ohh those funny moments in PS2 when Aryte was playing... drunk, hehehe. And you know... piloting, also drunk... fun times... [media] Whoever linked that ^... thank you!

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