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    Games-RPG'S, War Games, Historical Games, Strategy, and Multiplayers.
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  1. I quit my successful & well paying job to do the modeling thing

    1. AxaraBlue


      I wish you all the luck in the world :)

    2. Digiimonster


      Thank you! It's quite terrifying

  2. I'm not dead, was just on vacation.

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    2. AxaraBlue


      are there pictures?!?!?!?!

    3. Mimi



    4. Digiimonster


      Oh gosh I apologize yes there are I was in Miami for Ultra, Ibiza and then the Belgium for Tommorwland it was indescribable

  3. I want to become an elf that is all goodbye.

  4. I managed to score a date with a model, I don't know how I pulled that off but he's gorgeous I'll most likel faint if anythig.

  5. Does anyone play Lord of the Rings Online? It's lonesome by my lonesome ;(

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    2. Digiimonster


      Really!? Hurray!! Lead me to them oh great one xD

    3. Valos


      i might


    4. Digiimonster


      Valos!!! You fiend!! D;

  6. My face hurts :) hows everyone elese?

    1. Digiimonster
    2. AxaraBlue


      Alright .... sorry about your face. :( What happened?

    3. Digiimonster


      I had a very strong drink well a few strong ones and I passed out by the pool. Imma lobster now.

  7. Ugh where is everyone D; *le sad*

    1. Xoza


      Where you at?

  8. I have returned, I was unwell for a short period of time. It happened suddenly so I was unable to tell anyone I would be gone for a few days. But yush so umm...hi?

  9. "it's a perfect day for a fight, running after me in the pouring rain"

  10. Why must food shows mock me :( I'm hungry and it all looks so good Imma about to go into cookie monster mode if I happen upon food.

  11. Digiimonster

    Recognizing Comrades

    I would like to thank everyone for the welcoming and friendly atmosphere, especially those of that have answered questions, helped me in game and out frankly theres far too many to name. But everyone that I have met and spoken to wether it be on teamspeak, steam, in-game, or on here has always been friendly and helpful. Thank you :)
  12. Happy Birthday, we may not know each other but everyone deserves a happy birthday. Hope it is a fantastic birthday and cheers to you.

  13. Pew pew you're dead, you have to play along =)


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