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    Warhammer 40K, Pathfinder, Armored Vehicles, WWII Historical Battles, Firearms of any era, Vidya Gaems, and Rembrandt Gouda.
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    Fort Collins, CO

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  1. Lanny Ansar

    Halloween Contest (2015)!

    My Zombie Crawl / Halloween outfit. Cheers, folks. (Side note: Just wanted to toss a pic to get the ball rolling. Don't worry about my entry. :P)
  2. Lanny Ansar

    Call of Duty®: Black Ops III

    Good to see that Titanfall's getting a sequel-- OH WAIT.
  3. Lanny Ansar


    Look at this way - They canned Project Titan to focus on this game. My hopes are not very high.
  4. Lanny Ansar

    Halloween Game Giveaway (2014)!

    I dress up like Dwarves during the week of Halloween and go out to bars. Running Drops pounds. Bearding drops Panties.
  5. Lanny Ansar

    Eight Years

    Tsume is the reason why I cringe at things. I cringe now when people say "Clip" instead of "Magazine". I cringe when I put on a really nice-looking weapon in SL, and see that its' built-in animations don't blend over to my AO, or that the gun eats twice as many resources as Ordo gear. And lastly, I cringe because every time a Jewish holiday came around and it was talked about, I got to sit back and go "I know those feels, man", although I'm pretty sure Tsume still doesn't believe I'm also Jewish. <3 you Tsume. I'll still heckle things in the ISA group with you, bud. :D
  6. Lanny Ansar

    Angelin's Dwarfy Fort

    >_> Yeah Kav, just keep on playing. With my luck, I'll end up being a MediDwarf too. Or worse... I might cry at the thought. And us Dwarves cry Scotch. I HATE SCOTCH. D:
  7. Lanny Ansar

    Angelin's Dwarfy Fort

    I wanna be a Dwarf D:
  8. Lanny Ansar


    Been playing for about a day. Have a level 11 Nuian Darkrunner. So-far I'm enjoying it. Only thing I don't really get is the concept of having to spend "Labor Points" in order to gather materials, identify items, open dropped coinpouches, etc. Especially when they regenerate by 5 every couple minutes and you have to be logged in to regen them.
  9. Lanny Ansar

    Ordo Tournament

    +1 for Minesweeper.
  10. If this is truly the case, and Rebellion literally just revoked peoples' CD keys because they didn't pay full price, I can almost guarantee that not only will their studio shut down and their doors close, but their CEO and chief development team will be imprisoned. That goes beyond dick move. That was well into the "Federal Offense" category.
  11. Lanny Ansar

    Why do you love Ordo?

    Because I am contractually-obligated to love the Ordo, or else a hit squad of Frumentarii assassins will arrive at my doorstep and kick my cats. I MEAN I LOVE THE ORDO BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE COOL AND WE CAN WEAR JEANS ON FRIDAYS.
  12. Lanny Ansar

    What's your ride?

    I'm thinking it's either a loose hose somewhere (After 16 years, things get loose), or maybe a crack in the bottle. Unfortunately I don't know much about the relay setup and I really don't wanna sabotage my only ride, but the bottle shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
  13. Lanny Ansar

    What's your ride?

    1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 1998 - Present (Not actual picture, but the paint and design are exactly the same) This is my first and current vehicle. The family bought her in 1998, and to this day she still runs. Almost 182,000 miles on it, has driven from West Palm Beach, FLA to Reno, NV and back at least 3 times, has experienced the prairies of Wellington, CO and the Hurricanes of Wellington, FLA. Currently has a Relay Glitch (Parking light fuse area's shorted. If I remove the fuse it cuts off EVERY light. So now I have to unplug the van when I park, otherwise the lights flicker until the battery dies), a coolant bottle leak, a mild crack on the passenger side of the windshield, the driver's side seat has had the adjustment handle broken off and will occasionally let go and cause you to lay down doing 40mph down the road, and due to a literal fender bender (A honda accord tried to remove my front bumper doing 40 while I was waiting to get out of a gas station), the front bumper has a gigantic snaggletooth and my headlights are hanging on by friction alone. BUT SHE FfffING RUNS. BY GOD, DOES SHE RUN. AND WHEN YOU ONLY GO IN-TOWN WITH IT AND $20 WILL GET A HALF-TANK, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG.
  14. Lanny Ansar

    So hi there

    I try sometimes.
  15. Lanny Ansar

    Phantasy Star Online 2

    Yep. Redid everything, got the patches set up... Then I got back to trying to fight captchas to register my ID with PSO2. After 2 hours of fighting it with that nearly-pointless translator, I nearly punched my laptop and went to smoke a cig. No game is good enough to warrant that type of frustration.

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