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  1. To everyone who's at AC right now, I am so jealous. Miss you Ordotards!

  2. Liana Pera

    The "Happy Birthday <name>!" Thread

    Happy Birthday Tyler and Aryte!
  3. You ma'am, are the coolest thing since sliced cheese.

  4. Liana Pera

    Rare Exports for Christmas

  5. Liana Pera

    Ask Ron

    Does reality exist outside of our ability to perceive it? Is it possible the Universe will stop expanding and fall back into itself, and has this happened before, perhaps an infinite amount of times?
  6. Liana Pera

    Rare Exports for Christmas

    Rare Exports Inc. Goes into detail about their jobs shipping one of Christmas's most dangerous assets. Matti sent me this and I thought you guys might be amused. They're making an actual movie version of the short stories surrounding these. Kind of bloody and dark. Pretty AWESOME. [media]
  7. Liana Pera

    Builds in Outpost Main Hangar

    Liana and Nevin hook you up with a sandbox, mang. Primo stuff. Duvillier. Go there. Wipes on Saturday and Wednesday.
  8. Liana Pera

    Admin Clerc positions

    I'd be interested in helping out with this~<3
  9. Liana Pera

    Ordo IRL -Creature Comfort-

    Yay~ my leopard gecko rescue, Crookshanks. Quaos, this Emerald Swift lizard I bought from an expo for like 15 bucks. (stop staring at my legs <_<)Two kitties, we named Casa and Blanca. Sadie was mah pitt-lab rescue <3 Gypsy is mah sister's rare brown schipperke. She's cracked out and acts like a rat. my old beardie rescue named Moses. a kitty named Bruce I found like a week ago in the parking lot in a box near the bakery with two siblings. He liked to sit on top of my tablet and chase Nevin and Aelus in the sandbox (I found homes for all three of them)
  10. Liana Pera

    Imperial Edict - 8/3/2009

    I think it's better to salute as a standard, instead of wondering if you should've. :] If everyone is used to people saluting in greeting you won't ever have to worry if it's okay or not. I'm also not going to be using gestures anymore, as 'enhancing' as they can be on a conversation (which isn't a whole lot) I know there are some people who start gesture chains upon hearing one, so better safe than sorry. All in all I think it's important to keep a certain atmosphere on base, or I start to feel like I'm back in the sandbox- and then I start feeling like I have to be in admin mode.. which is one reason I come to Titan- to get away from that stuff.

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