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    I enjoy playing around on my computer, creative pursuits and reading, but I also love spending time with my friends, playing RPGs and hiking
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    Dayton, Ohio
  1. Aeriese Descenna

    Over two years of service?

    Here :3
  2. Aeriese Descenna

    Champions Online Ever since I read about this game in PC Gaming magazine I've been eager to play. I used to be really into City of Heroes-Villains but I eventually found it lacking. From what I've seen and read about Champions it seems to have everything City has and much more. I'd recommend the url above for anyone who might be interested in a new Superhero mmorpg with the best character customization I've ever heard of (aside from SL).It's supposed to come out this September
  3. Aeriese Descenna

    Sparta Ban Lifted

    - Extra Rules (for Ordo), assault must be led by Jaxx Loon or Wasaac Haxx (former members of Sparta) What the Hell for? I'd say something about Bruno, but I'm pretty sure he's been called everything Oh wait, I thought of something. Since I doubt Bruno is going to rework some of these rules, the only cure I can think of for Sparta is to kick Bruno out and form a whole new military group
  4. Aeriese Descenna

    Ordo Meeting - 5/18/09 *Important

    Aw, I understand how you feel Dascede. There's certainly nothing wrong with feeling strongly about current events. Personally, I chuckled a bit at your stump analogy x3
  5. Aeriese Descenna

    Spy video x3

    I guess when you spend so much time with eight other dudes (or seven and a pyro, whateva) your mind could roll over to the gay side
  6. Aeriese Descenna

    Emma Roy

    Oh hai :D
  7. Aeriese Descenna

    Spy video x3

    I love the soldier's solution to their dilemma :D Sadly, I'd probably do the very same thing and it just so happens I've been playing the soldier class a lot lately
  8. Aeriese Descenna

    Spy video x3

    Heya guys, found this on vgcats. I think this is the best yet.
  9. Aeriese Descenna

    Team Fortress 2: Scout Pack

    I've been playing on the Night Fort and Toy Fort servers lately. The first is just like like it sounds but I enjoy the change of pace the darkness brings, and most people who read this have probably played in the giant upstairs bedrooms on Toy Fort
  10. Aeriese Descenna

    Retirement etc

    I'm glad you'll at least still hang around with us :3
  11. Aeriese Descenna

    Important: Nerva

    Ah yes, this reminds me of the Mercz situation awhile ago
  12. Aeriese Descenna

    Armor Upgrade: IMPORTANT

    It took me a few minutes to fit the armor too. Even though my av is pretty slender, I've got some muscle on there too and had to adjust the spiffy new armor a bit. Where wristblades are concerned, I was wondering if we may eventually have an upgraded one somewhere down the line designed to better match the armor. I have to figure that would be pretty far down the line though. We really do kinda look like those FF soldiers :D Heh, I'm kinda used to the armor not covering our butts anyway. With the exception of the Praetorian guard, the old armor showed off our bums a bit too
  13. Aeriese Descenna

    New Merits!

    Very nice work on the merits, Scientific ^.^
  14. Aeriese Descenna

    I'm Old

    Good luck with your potty-training. See ya later :3
  15. Aeriese Descenna

    Letter of Resignation

    *Punts Lestat off into the distance* ~.~

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