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  1. Tiridates Mikadze

    Confirming: Vanguard

    I categorically deny all knowledge of the events leading up to this.
  2. Tiridates Mikadze

    An Introduction is in order.

    Thank you all for your greetings. I will be showing up more and more often, as I get back into the full swing of things. Hopefully, it will be a tire swing hanging from a pepper tree, rather than the swing of an axe, or the feet of a gibbet's victims.
  3. Tiridates Mikadze

    An Introduction is in order.

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tiridates Mikadze, and I am coming back from the darkest wilds of joblessness. Some of you may remember me, which is good. Some of you may have forgotten about me, which means Scarlet is going to burn your house down. Some of you may never have heard about me, which is great, because I know nobody would ever spread rumors about little old me. All of you will be seeing more of me in increasing amounts, until I am fully integrated back into the swing of things. All of you, have a good day, and goddamn is it good to be back.
  4. Tiridates Mikadze

    The Zombie Survival Thread

    I would use Zrazor as zombie bait, using his garish, glitter-clad self and obnoxious hipster banter to draw a horde directly into the fuel-drenched tiger pits and fields of land mines . Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Zrazor is also fully replaceable with any number of the irritating, smirking hipsters that abound in the Portland Metropolitan Area. With any luck, I will expend any surviving hipsters in my plan, and exterminate any of the undead ones with the punji-traps. Might employ shark-pits and pirahana moats, if Volcano base can be secured. Might also attempt variation using aging Hippy types wearing tie-dye clothing blasting Grateful Dead as bait, as well. Will use promise of a narco-utopian, all natural artist enclave as bait for hippies.
  5. Tiridates Mikadze

    Over two years of service?

    Yo. I've been here for like... What. 5 years or something? Oh god. I've been here for like 5 years. Can we, who were there for the opening day of Titan, get a special merit or something? I still remember the tiny closed in area around the single exit spawn point witit 30 meter walls surrounding it, and picking off AN who kept coming in a fairly constant stream for about 2 days after we opened. And the old prim armor. And everything since. I'd settle for a hug.
  6. Tiridates Mikadze

    Ordo Movie

    Re-watch Inglorious Basterds, and pay close, close attention. Sure, he's having a ball as Hans Landa, but the character is very much an affably evil complete monster. Who also offers up what he thinks is a Xanatos Gambit.
  7. Tiridates Mikadze

    Ordo Movie

    Yeah, but I wouldn't dress up in drag like he did in Boondock Saints. Maybe Christoph Waltz? Yeah, Waltz.
  8. Tiridates Mikadze

    Ordo Movie

    Sean Pertwee as myself, though Anthony Hopkins is a pretty high rating choice. Other likely selections for me are also: Evil Young Warren Beatty, younger Tom Berenger for either Agares or I. Agares is very much a bit of Jason Issacs, only 9 feet tall. Scarlet is clearly Mickey Rourke.
  9. Tiridates Mikadze

    Ordo Imperialis Spaceships

    The closest you might get are bizarre psychic or energetic entities. But not daemons, and definitely not in any WH40k sense.
  10. Tiridates Mikadze

    Where's Hollowmengitus?

    I have no recollection of a Hollowmengitus. I am certain that you are all mistaken, and should consider moving about your business.
  11. Tiridates Mikadze

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    BRB, going to kill Harry Potter here.
  12. Tiridates Mikadze

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I have heard that someone has been foolish enough to assume my name in TOR as of late. If this proves to be the case, and they do not immediately seek my forgiveness, I will make their life an unending hell and demonstrate what a merciless bastard can do when they have far too much time on their hands. On another front, I think we should kill everyone. Just saying.
  13. Tiridates Mikadze

    Christmas #Swag: Post it!

    He seems pretty stressed. Should probably have a stiff drink to relax.
  14. Tiridates Mikadze

    Christmas Break - 24th and 25th

    Don't count on any merriment, goofing, or HERESY if I can do anything about it. With fire. So much fire. Like a yuletide herald, only with napalm and jackboots.
  15. Tiridates Mikadze


    Rage fueled game-play? THANK YOU JESUS.

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