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Forum Roleplay Guide

Work In Progress, please make suggestions below.

What is Forum based role play?
      Forum role play is a slower more lengthy type of turn-by-turn, post-by-post based role play. According to Wikipedia there are several styles of forum roleplay, genre's and preferences. Forum and chat role play were one of the first forms of role play and has played a major part of much of the world's entertainment and media today. The type of story, participants, environment and preferences are dependant and mediated by the host of the thread and continues by them and player characters (PC), or participants afterward with in character (IC) posts or actions carrying on a story.

How does it work?
      Forum based role-play starts off as an application process, where the original poster (OP), host (H), a designated mediator (M) or game master (GM) starts a new topic with partial story details including environment, genre and what kind of player's they may be looking for. Players post in accordance with the host's application process and after applications are closed and players accepted, the host starts the story of to which the players may react or respond to through the posting in the thread.

Are there any rules?
      As a given, every poster are expected to follow the constitutional protocol set in our codex unless deemed acceptable by the role of the story or approved by the game master/s. Other rules are generally set by the game master/s of the story or thread in the first post/s. Posts usually consist of actions that take no longer than five (5) minutes to complete depending on the situation at hand.
How do I get started? a Game Master?
      Game Master's are the originators, mediators and tellers of the story. They set the environment, challenge the participants and create goals. They also make sure the story is going the right direction, ensure balance and following of standards. They'll usually play a story character or multiple non-player characters (NPC's) to help the story along. Game Masters may let a story run it's course with only a little intervention or they my be heavily involved with goals or story directionals but they should always be prepared though to keep the story rolling for a good amount of time and have something prepared for the participants on a regular basis until it is ended or closed.

      If you'd like to take part as a game master, don't be afraid to do so, all you need is a rules, direction, environment and genre. Starting a role play thread consists of posting this information, with a request or application process for users to apply for a few days that you may look over and accept based on character or story needs. Once you've accepted a group of players, you may either post in the original thread, or start a new one with previous post reference links and start the storyline.


  • <title>
  • <genre>
  • <environment>
  • <length?>
This is the story, the story is epic, set in this place, this time and these kinds of people, this is the technology and the age and I'm looking for these kind of characters for this epic story. Please fill out an application so I can determine if you're worthy.
Character: <name>
Type: <type of character>
Backstory: <character's story>
Additional: <other info or special requests> a Player?
      Players may post under roleplay applications to a game master's request. The duty of the player are to play a character whom is immersed into an environment and genre the game master has set for the players. The separation of in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) should always be followed to separate one and the other by the use of ((OOC)) separation and bring a solid story to not only the other players and game master, but to other readers. This is your chance to play your part in an ongoing story in your own way. Since forum role play is generally a lengthy experience, you may be involved as much or as little as you like. Keep in mind, the more creative and active you are, the more successful you're likely to be and epic the story may become around who you are in the story.


      Approved players may post directly to the designated thread in response to any nearby action or previous post in the timeline of the story. Posts should be in reasonable increments to allow other players to respond or to allow the game master to push the story along. If a player no longer wishes to participate in a thread permanently or temporarily, they may role play being removed from the story or the game master may do so as they deem necessary. Permanent death is not a prefered way to remove a character from a story, as reintroduction even as an NPC may be possible.

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Ok wait, I think that if this was to truly take off, you need a premise, a start.


Where do we start?!?


Starwars? D&D? Or just normal days, if you want an RP helps us start it!!!







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