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[Ordo] Streaming Online Live

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Over the last few months now, I've been streaming regularly to with OBS.  With the right settings, anyone with a semi-decent upload (at least 1mg) should be able to stream without network impact. You don't have to have a camera or a green screen  but it's nice to offer that connection to your viewers,  we even have an Ordo stream if you don't want to make your own. Twitch also stores several recordings for you on their servers for a few weeks, depending on length and size. Unregistered viewing has ads, unless you're Turbo.


Last month I also contacted Twitch about helping set up an Ordo team. Teams are a more centralized member stream, like MLG's or The Utensils, something we could easily do, but would need more dedicated streamers! Since teams are still supposedly in testing and partner based they responded with information about their subscription program and aren't taking applications at this time. Subscribing and turbo streaming are paid services, so we'll have to wait and see. General streaming though is free enough and provides more than we really need. Livestream accepted our application and has great recording/broadcasting software, but unfortunately just isn't centralized around gaming.


If you have any questions about streaming, or wish to get involved more and want to know more. Just ask or discuss here!



(if you have your own, post it below and I'll add it to the list.)


+ [The Ordo Imperialis](
+ [Awanken](
+ [Dascede](
+ [Deum "Rudy"](
+ [Esva](
+ [Fire Fox](
+ [Huttser](
+ [Jam Roller](
+ [Keller](
+ [Kishoshima](
+ [Kares](
+ [Kavia](
+ [Kullastia](
+ [Layla](
+ [Odin](
+ [Streleks](
+ [Tisa](
+ [Violet](
+ [Xoza](

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Check out some of the streaming software Twitch provides, or Livestream, whatever your preference will be, I use OBS as stated. You can make your own account to stream to start, regularly inform your friends about your streaming and others in game and go from there. I'll also be posting Streams on this thread's original post and i'll add all 'associate broadcasters' to Ordo's and my stream'.

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We're implementing a new streamer opportunity! Personal streamer's moderated Teamspeak channels and groups.


It doesn't matter where you livestream too, as long as you're live and representing the community and following it's codex.

Your stream must follow the policies of the streaming service and be on community topics (gaming, media, art, roleplay, instruction).


To qualify you must...

  • Be a member of the Ordo Imperialis.

  • Stream at least seven(7) hours a week.

  • Represent the Ordo Imperialis and it's codex, in addition to information

  • Have an understanding of how to stream and its standards and practices.

(All qualifications may be subject to change.)


If you don't know how to stream, set up your channel to represent the community, or know the standard practices, contact TRADOC or myself, we'll teach you!

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What streaming software do you use? With livestreaming becoming more popular, the services and programs are expanding.


I use OBS since it's infancy, but it's gotten a LOT better over the past year being open source and now has a ton of plugins.

I haven't played with these plugins yet, but I will be soon. Plenty of them look pretty useful. Another streaming software gaining popularity is FFsplit.


Twitch.TV added a few months ago the ability to host others. /host <channelname>. This let's you host one channel to play under your name while you're offline. Glad they're starting to allow networking!


I don't know about anyone else, but YouTube has been really strict on it's live hosting and who they allow to do it. However last week I found out that I could stream live to YouTube now. Did I meet the requirements, did I get 'beta' access or does everyone have it now?

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I don't think I will be going any where near YouTube live streaming anytime soon, I want to see it grow out of it's infancy and see what directions it's going. As for everything else streaming I actually use a combination of OBS, DxTory and Most of the tools from the guys over at NightDev such as Nightbot, Subscriber Alert & Follower Alert and they are pretty damned cool, a recommendation for any streamer, especially when it comes to NightBot and Follower Alert 

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This is a while old, so hopefully not big issue with necro'ing this up. 

I stream ( just about on a nightly basis, mostly Wildstar (Ordo raids) but other games during the day and off nights. 

We have two other streams as well: Jai ( and Malus ( They stream off and on during raid nights. Not sure of their official schedule. 

I believe one or two others in the Wildstar chapter are also interested in streaming, so we are helping them setup their broadcast settings. 

I currently use xsplit broadcaster to stream and have a whole slew of stream specific devices (AT mic, hauppauge stream box, secondary laptop to stream from). Happy to answer any questions or help others setup their streams as well. 

Also to follow on the Ordo team topic, that would be pretty sweet to get a team together like that. 

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