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Fitness & Health thread

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Hey guys, so I came across this thread in our Hobbies section and I was wondering how many of you guys are into fitness and working out.

Personally I have been in the gym for about 7 years now. My stats are as follows:

Max bench: 315 x 5. (Havent some my 1mr in about a year, last time it was like 365, id assume its around 390 now)

Deadlift - 455x8

Squat - 365 x 5

Weight : 225  Height: 6'2"  Age: 22

Any other avid lifters in here? 

BTW I am Canfit certified, so if anyone is looking for advice with exercise I would happily help you out :)

Was a trainer for goodlife for ~1.5 years

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That's awesome! We shall definitely have to chat sometime. I P90 religiously, as well as running.

Message me, my ign is Chilita or Lucey

Empire side, or just message me on here. I can provide with any information you seek

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For me its just keeping in shape not bodybuilding. I use to do gym but honestly its money down the drain for me.

I do Situps and pushups everyday and twice  a week I go out for a 1 hour run/walk Nordic walking style.

Well if you get a gym membership and dont use it, yea I would say thats a waste of money.  Otherwise the results you get from proper equipment training and a good regiment will be 10x better than just home bodyweight exercise, which would be money well spent.

I mean your average gym membership is only like $30 a month.

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I use the gym a couple time a week :D

Although most of my work out is using my own body weight the gym provide a few bit of equipment i need :)

Gym weight machines are good for building big muscles...but for me big is slow and useless. I'm tall and broad, but my martial arts requires me to be fast and flexible, conditioned and enduring. Body weight excersise and explosive movement is the best for this. (If you want a fighters body)

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