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Since Ive been away, for what feels like an eternity, I figured it might be a good idea if I did one of these.  I started out in Ordo three or four years ago as a regular ol' grunt in Second Life (usually chasing Achtai around the sim threatening to take away her Catnip on a daily basis).  From there I moved up into one of the Alpha Squads, lead by Krow Ames, got inducted into Curia (Now the OMJ I think) by everyone's favorite windmill chaser (Kristian) and became a Praetorian.. which were basically Aryte's Personal Guard, and the Guardians of Ordo as a whole.  I had to step away from Ordo for personal (read RL) reasons for a while.. divorce, moving from one country to another.. that kind of thing...  but Im back and Im here to stay.


Now that the history's over, a bit about me... Im 35, live North of Atlanta, work in IT, spent a decade in the Marine Corps as a Radio Operator, but cross trained into wireman and networking.  I'm pretty laid back and easy going, I enjoy trolling Kavia every chance I get for anything she says (:P) and get a kick out of hanging out with nerds, geeks, dweebs and gamers in general.  Im not a huge fan of PvP, but I'll dabble now and then, I mainly play TOR, but have accounts in Wildstar, ESO, STO, WoW, DCUO, and probably a few others I cant think of off hand.  If you wanna hang out, or chit chat, or goof around, you can find me in TS most of the time. Just give me a poke!

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Dear Kishoshima Dragonash,


We are pleased to notify you that your application for an Imperial grant has been approved by the legionary council. This approval is based on a proposed plan or goals of  trolling Kavia . In addition this approval is also based on your history of service, contributions, income, assets and rating assuming that there are no changes in your situation. This approval should not be considered a commitment to lend until the following conditions are met:


( ) An updated service and status record of Imperial history;

( ) An personal and medical dossier and medical with current examinations;

( ) A satisfactory appraisal accomplished on funding required for the above grant goals and procedural shares;

( ) Your selection of a support program, which will increase the success of your grant goals.

( ) A rate commitment of which periodic updates are performed;


We wish you luck in your goals and we thank you for taking interest in assisting in the expansion of the Ordo Imperialis' goals.



The Imperial Quartermaster


P.S. Under no circumstance should this grant be used to harm, deteriorate or demoralize the roll of the group and it's members or staff. Any such action will void this grant and all contributions will require immediate refund.

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Oh god it's this guy.


Dunno if its good that Im "this guy" or if itd be better to be ThatGuy..


So Kish I hear you like trolling Kavia, eh ? Just letting you know, even tho we aren't in SL anymore your head will not be safe from me...  *wiggles his toes in devilish manner*


I fear no toes!


Kish do you take doge coins or cookies? This seems like a good cause to donate to. :)


Bitcoins would be preferable, but dark side cookies work too

Edited by Kishoshima Dragonash

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