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Quotes of Win

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Post your quotes of win.

Whether amusing, embarrassing, or serious, they all have a home here! ;)

I'll start with the conclusion to today's assault on 2142:

[21:04] Aryte Vesperia (COM): [21:02] Renji Bikcin: just get the fuck out befor i ban all your men [21:02] Aryte Vesperia: Coward.

[21:04] Aryte Vesperia (COM): Apparently. It's our fault that they can't defend their own sim.

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Following are all the qoutes i've collected over the year i've been in Ordo.

Ruin Nefarious: Ruin doesn't talk on the mic because he's secretly a girl.

Arch Graves: Quoted.

Ruin Nefarious: Fuck.

Console Mission: i shot at a whore :D

Fega Saito: I made whore explode :D


Fega Saito: Do me and Console get special, "Whore shooting medals"

Striker Dryke: Just wanted to say, this group of people do things so well, I can't wait for are first assault on another sim and defending are own.

Striker Dryke: aka, rape....>_>


Ruin Nefarious: If Soulbinder doesn't stop messaging me. I'm going to eat Soulbinder's spleen.

SoulBinder Wolfstein: pfft, knowing ruin he'd just like be all like "SHOOP DA WHOOP" a lazor cannon would pop out of his mouth and I'd turn into dust.

SoulBinder Wolfstein: it wouldn't be pleasent.

Tsume Xiao: o-m-f-g j00 has teh 1337 hax clegar

Celgar Hax: I-I@$ 1337 $I<II_I_$

Christoph Batra: wait my ordo crops shouldnt be hidden

Rei Kuhr: We came. We Conquered. They cried.

Ruin Nefarious (COM): Huskie, just tell them we only give tours during business hours. >.>

Ruin Nefarious (COM): 9-5.

Ruin Nefarious (COM): Let it be someone else's problem.

Jester Spearmann (COM): we have business hours now ?

Ruin Nefarious: Consider me the angriest of lesbians with dual-wielding pitch forks

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[21:50] Tiridates Mikadze: I think I know why people are attracted too you!

[21:51] Tiridates Mikadze: it's the scent of power, death, and the tears of the weak.

[21:51] Tiridates Mikadze: it's intoxicating.

[21:52] Tiridates Mikadze: not to mention that light crispness that you get from the smell of burning bones.

[13:51] Ethan Schuman: Well, I figured out what motivates Areth. She thinks you're the anti-christ.

[13:52] Aryte Vesperia: Is that all?

[13:52] Ethan Schuman: Which, as I think about it, isn't really that far fetched, but.

[19:20] Proteus Hand: it's really all similar until you break the groups down to the way they're run.

[19:20] Proteus Hand: AN = Beurocracy

[19:20] Proteus Hand: Mercz = Communism

[19:20] Proteus Hand: Ordo = Absolute Loyalty to Aryte

[21:34] Faril Iredell: also your new profile pic is the only scary furry ever

[21:37] Faril Iredell: Its like you'll have your henchmen execute me and have my corpse frozen so you can savor my liver later with some fava beans and a nice quiante.

[21:55] Ethan Schuman: Melly is part of an army lead by Jesus in a fursuit.

[23:26] Tomothy Conover: Aryte was here

[23:26] Tomothy Conover: I can smell it

[23:26] Tomothy Conover: It's like

[23:26] Tomothy Conover: Apples !

[23:26] Tomothy Conover: And burnt Marine

[23:01] Lenskiy Usitnov: I am generic Ordo footsoldier 0013, your order is my undivided will. Please insert command.

[11:00] Caine Toll: I don't know, Aryte's here, and there's a bunch of homosexual men running around with guns to compensate for their lack of penises. Pretty sure this is hell.

[17:30] Arch Graves: The amount of joy you take in other peoples suffering is almost unsettling.

[20:47] Arito Cotton: YOU LOOK TOTALLY HAWT BTW

[20:48] Aryte Vesperia cracks the hell up.


[23:04] Ethan Schuman shouts: It's almost midnight and Aryte told us he was going to sleep.... QUICK, GUARDS, TO THE NURSERY!!! THE CHILDREN OF THE HERETICS MUST BE SAVED FROM ARYTE'S RAVENOUS HUNGER!!!!

[23:04] You shout: Oh, you can go straight to hell!

[16:26] Melly Deemster: Aryte

[16:26] You: Melly.

[16:27] Melly Deemster: You are like a dark gift from the night mother herself :(

[16:27] You: . . thanks, I think.

[22:14] Aelus Janus: I hereby declare the newest form of measurement: the Aryte. The Aryte is a unit of degree, and usually numerically quantifies a measure of how powerful one is. For example: Bob and Sally are only a mere 27

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[4:28] Kytec Switchblade: What brings you to titan today?

[4:28] Tanik Aeon: Hostilities.

[4:46] Tanik Aeon: Mind telling me where you got your run?

[4:46] Kytec Switchblade: koh animations, liek 2 years old lol

[4:47] Tanik Aeon: Heh.

[4:47] Tanik Aeon: Damn, you are running the show by yourself.

[4:47] Kytec Switchblade: its 7 am, and i havnt slept in liek 2 days

[4:47] Kytec Switchblade: its 30 degrese in my room

[4:47] Kytec Switchblade: lmao

[4:48] Tanik Aeon: Fuck that. :P

[4:48] Tanik Aeon: Lol.

[4:48] Tanik Aeon: You are one of the best in Ordo, yes?

[4:48] Kytec Switchblade: praetorians are the personal guard to the imperator, im one of the 3 evocati

[4:49] Tanik Aeon: Yes.

[4:49] Tanik Aeon didn't know what else to say.

[4:49] Kytec Switchblade: Thanks.

[4:50] Tanik Aeon: Can I ask, with all seriousness, where you learnt to fight like so?

[4:51] Tanik Aeon: Because I know basic training into Ordo doesn't teach one to fight as good as you.

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[0:16] anonomus: I stood staring at the baseball, wondering why it was getting bigger... .then it hit me

[13:47] anonomus: (Saved Wed Mar 14 00:07:40 2007) if i could i swear to the gods on high id knock your teeth out for making those dam choppaman boxes and your a furry too thats sad that a furrys invention is being used repeatedly over and over in the furry community

[5:47] You: I don't own it just mute the damn thing or get a fucking person to come by and delete it.

[5:48] You: Oh wait a fucking person might not be a great idea.

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[23:32] Aryte Vesperia: Frankly, I don't need you to appease my ego. I appreciate the notion, but he and I get along just fine.

[12:43] Ixiom Vhargon: I like girly men.

[12:43] Ixiom Vhargon: e.e

[12:43] You: Ditto

[12:43] Console Mission: then why do you like me

[12:43] Console Mission: oh, ouch :{

[12:44] Console Mission: burned mahself

[23:11] Archalypse: you're so gay.

[23:11] Aryte: TEE HEE

[13:03] Keno Pontoppidan: Or rape my Sagara.

[23:27] Melly Deemster: Oh yes, Big furry feetpaws

[23:27] Melly Deemster: can't live without em

[23:27] Melly Deemster: <3

[13:49] SoulBinder Wolfstein: damnit Arch.

[13:50] SoulBinder Wolfstein: Why you got to look so awesome x3

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these are from the Lil' Aryte keychain. all of them are © aryte

Oh, you can go straight to hell!

Keno! Get back to work!

Demo! Get back to work!

I say dress reasonably and Sly looks like a hooker.

You're rather good looking and you don't look like you're from a porno. +10.

Frankly, I don't need you to appease my ego. I appreciate the notion, but he and I get along just fine.


Stop Iming me, Tiridates. I'm going to stab you.

Keno, I will not have my uber fleet ship cannons firing dink 7 meter blasts.

You look like the girl from that pirate song. On crack.

Then BAM MOTHERFUCKER, EMPEROR BACK. Chaos'd be like "FUCKINGODMFNSDFNSJSJSDFDAMNIT." Emperor'd open console and be like "godmode_on."

Keno, build the #$@$^@#! base! 200 USD a month, not paying for a grass field, bastard scott!

Preatos. Is that like, a new doritos brand?

What did I tell you about sticking your penis into light sockets, Gunau?

I was going to suggest play in traffic.

I love how she shows up and it goes Western archenemies.

You're my little cupcake, d'aw.


this was qouted from arch.

"wait what was i saying ? my brain broke"

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Intus Infinity wrote:

[2008/04/11 11:40] Sami Luukkanen: So i cant just attack there?

[2008/04/11 11:40] Intus Infinity: We're your fucking ally.

Sami Luukkanen: Merczateer.

*facepalms* don't the higherups tell them who their allys are anymore ?

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Johann Wilberg wrote:

From the Vanguard attack video on youtube.

ranger86 (5 minutes ago)

7 and won....I'd like to know when the hell that ever happened, what do you even define as a "win" anyway?

GotischOberst (2 minutes ago)

It's happened on many special occasions when we do it to quiet your heretical ways. And by win, we mean shoving your face into the concrete and dragging it as we run you around.

LOL if that's not a definition then maybe tying them on the back of the jet and hit the after burners :D

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[3:28] Keno Pontoppidan: Emperor fails

[3:28] Keno Pontoppidan: Khorne ftw!

[3:28] Keno Pontoppidan: :D

[3:28] Vaalkk Zenovka: =O

[3:28] You: HERETIC!

[3:28] Vaalkk Zenovka: Chaos Person! But I can't shoot... his rank obliterates mine =(

[3:28] Keno Pontoppidan: OKAY I ADMIT IT

[3:28] Keno Pontoppidan: I COME OUT THE CLOSET

[3:28] Keno Pontoppidan: IM A HERETIC

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[23:04] Krow Ames (COM): Can I TP my lawyer into the sim?

[23:04] Knightblade Fayray (COM): is he armed? lol

[23:04] Priest Foxley (COM): two arms. someone shoot him.

[23:05] Krow Ames (COM): only with a briefcase full of hellfire.

[23:05] Lestat Umarov (COM): This is the part where Aryte yells..."I AM THE LAW!"

[23:05] Jester Spearmann (COM): OBJECTION

[23:05] Christoph Batra (COM): Overrules

[23:05] Xang Xiao (COM): only if he gives me a free divorce lol j/k

[23:05] Christoph Batra (COM): overruled*

[23:05] Jester Spearmann (COM): xang ? qouted :P

[23:06] Xang Xiao (COM): don't tell eevee...

[23:06] Jester Spearmann (COM): does she have forum access ? :P

[23:06] Xang Xiao (COM): I like the couch... but I don't like her foot up my ass....

[23:06] Xang Xiao (COM): yeah....

[23:06] Jester Spearmann (COM): lol

[23:06] Xang Xiao (COM): but she already seen the screen so I am screwed

[23:06] Jester Spearmann (COM): lol

[23:07] Jester Spearmann (COM): enjoy the couch sir

[23:07] Xang Xiao (COM): I am in trouble.... if you don't hear from me soon... my body is in a swamp getting eaten by gators

[23:08] Jester Spearmann (COM): :D

[23:08] Xang Xiao (COM): probably LA... she said she will wrap me in a tarp and drive me there

[23:08] Christoph Batra (COM): Xang can i have your stuff?

[23:08] Xang Xiao (COM): yes...

[23:08] Christoph Batra (COM): whoot x-D

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Johann Wilberg: Who's French? >:o

Johann Wilberg: I'll beat the shet out of 'im

Johann Wilberg: Imma invade you.

Johann Wilberg: All night long! >:O

Johann Wilberg: Untill your government says no more.

You: Dude ill totally be french for 1 night if youd invade me


Hunter Abrams: Vanguard kill my fur family ;-;

Hunter Abrams: It mde me go all sad and I was like *cry* and they were like "we just killed them for the lolz"


Failius Falta: And like, there was this one time, where I pile drived this Rotweiller, using only my testicles.

Trevor Russell: dude...fighting an animal? that can land you in jail...

Failius Falta: It was him or me... And my hands were tied behind my back when I was held captive by Giant Enemy crabs. And when I escaped the rotweillers, I teabagged the Crab on their weakpoints for massive damage

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*Akurei sets up a portal leading to "free pie"*

Jayce Iredell: pie

You: D:

You: He went for it

Akurei Sieyes: did he just go in?

Knightblade Fayray: maybe

Akurei Sieyes: ohman I better hide

You: You're gonna get dropped! :o

You: Run!

Jayce Iredell (COM) sizzle, pop, crisp...... "Akurei! you said there would be pie, instead there was death." D:<

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Kitsy Bunnyhug: I actually think Arch currently looks cool while sly looks like...sly

Arch Graves: :>

Kitsy Bunnyhug: and lestat looks like some drill instructor/fox offspring >.>

Sly Axon: Isnt it awesome?

Arch Graves: I is a mean looking fucker >: (

Lilium Supermarine: oh hai arch


Arch Graves: D8<


Lilium Supermarine: good morning to you to ;_;

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[21:34] Aryte Vesperia (COM): Let's do something.

[21:34] Dralkanen Hextall (COM): Permission to get out the criso and womens underwear.

[21:34] Aryte Vesperia (COM): . .

[21:34] Aryte Vesperia (COM) cracks the hell up.

[21:34] Dralkanen Hextall (COM): XD kidding kidding.

[21:34] Aryte Vesperia (COM): QUOTED.

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Akurei Sieyes: who do you call when someone is undressing you not with thier eyes, but with thier mouth?

Akurei Sieyes: it's an emergency.

You: the ghostbusters?

[19:11] Rei Kuhr salutes

[19:11] Nasarati Zeno squeeks!

[19:11] Nasarati Zeno: ..

[19:11] Nasarati Zeno: No.

[19:11] Nasarati Zeno: Not squeeks

[19:11] Nasarati Zeno: .

[19:11] Nasarati Zeno: Jesus Christ.

[19:12] Nasarati Zeno: ..

[19:12] Nasarati Zeno: -.-

Aryte Vesperia (COMM): .. . "You decline a blowjob from Faril Iredell."

[16:08] Intus Infinity: Eye, where do you go to college and what's your major?

[16:08] Eye Korobase: I'm going to college at BCC

[16:08] Eye Korobase: and I am jaoring in Assoited Sciene

[16:08] Eye Korobase: majoring*

[16:08] You: Minor in English, please :P

*While holding Aryte Keychain*

Tenaki Kupferberg: I could eat this thing in a bite. :o

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[21:15] Sly Axon: press ctrl-q to clear the script's cache

[21:15] Sly Axon: should work then

[21:15] Keno Pontoppidan: Wait I need to find it

[21:16] You: i thought it was alt f4 ?

[21:16] Sly Axon: hurry up

[21:16] Keno Pontoppidan is Offline

Gunau Sodwind: No Chesso i will not take pictures of your naked

[6:03] Utility Hud 4.3: PVP Collision: "Cig Butt" owned by Tatha Niangao.

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