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    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    See Xoza? No Javascripts coded into your post and no snow!
  2. Angelin01

    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    Explain to me that javascript when I quote your comment :| Also, for day 3:
  3. Angelin01

    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    Did you just add a script to the page using the comments?
  4. Angelin01

    Garry's Mod funsies

    I'm gonna see if I can fiddle around and find a time for everyone.
  5. Angelin01

    Garry's Mod funsies

    So, me and some other folks on the PS2 channel were talking yesterday and we thought it would be awesome if we did something like Prop Hunt on Garry's mod. Just for the lols. Of course, stuff like Trouble in Terrorist Town was also sugested, so we thought, why not gather a bunch of people and do it? This topic is really unformal for now, because we still would have to get a server setup and find a proper day and time, so all I would like to know is, how many of you want to play something in Garry's Mod? Don't worry if you have never played anything other than sandbox, we'll guide you through things if necessary, it's super easy. Also, while I'm at it, I would like to know if people have map sugestions, preferably maps that don't need CS:S textures because not everyone has that game. So yeah... answer that pool, we'll see what to do next :)
  6. Angelin01

    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    For the second day, you get a Santa Toothless And ya better like it!
  7. Angelin01

    Garry's Mod funsies

    Here's a link to the collection so far: Nuzzy has some other stuff that doesn't download through the workshop so... yah...
  8. Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.

  9. Angelin01

    Garry's Mod funsies

    Send me the links and I'll add them.
  10. Angelin01

    Garry's Mod funsies

    You're not supposed to get it. It's GMod! What we are trying to do here is custom game modes. Believe me, it can actually be quite fun. We just need to get a server setup and work out the technical things.
  11. Tests all done! Woot!

    1. Odin047
    2. Angelin01


      @Odin047 I get the results for one of them on the 10th. The rest... only in January.

  12. 2.5 tests down, 0.5 to go and this 0.5... man this is the super important one.

    1. DeumDeorum


      Good luck man cram week starts in 2 days for me D:

  13. 1/2 test down, 2.5 more to go :)

  14. Big test coming up, it's on November 2nd! Kinda anxious...

    1. Odin047


      Funny enough November 2nd is when DST changes here in the US.

    2. Odin047


      But good luck none the less.

  15. 8 hours a day of study + school for the past 12 days. Gimme a break :(

  16. Angelin01

    [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 28SEP14

    Good work you peoples o/
  17. Angelin01

    Looking for a good home

    Both work I guess
  18. Angelin01

    Looking for a good home

    Like me!
  19. Angelin01

    [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 07SEP14

    What? How did I get TOR AP? O.o
  20. Angelin01

    Epic Cooking/Food Recipes & Tips (A Gamer's Food Guide)

    Oh man, so much stuff! I would post random pictures too, but most of the stuff where I live actually comes from other cultures! Except for this one drink made with some very special ingredient.. but it doesn't LOOK awesome, just tastes awesome. Oh well, you don't get to see it then.
  21. Angelin01

    Twitch CEO letter!

    I wouldn't call Twitch Ffffed right now. It's probably really good for them: Twitch was growing way too fast and they needed servers and better support and other things. Amazon can supply those things. So all-in-all, it's probably going to end up being better.
  22. Angelin01

    Angelin's Dwarfy Fort

    Oh yeah, it's going to be a long read. Maybe worth your time, maybe not. Try it out if you can :) So, the first question that probably is going to come to mind when clicking on this post, for most people anyways, is: "What?" I have played Dwarf Fortress for some time now. I'm not good at it, at all, but I find it entertaining and would maybe like to share some of it with the nice folks on Ordo, and I plan on doing something like a diary, with random updates on random intervals. Most of you will read this part, maybe take a look at the rest, and not be interested ever again. I personally don't care, even if nobody reads, don't feel bad, I don't expect you to read it anyway, especially because DF is not a game for everyone. Maybe I should explain what it is first huh? Introduction (Skip this if you understand the basic concept of the game) The gamemode I shall be playing is the default gamemode: Dwarf Fortress. The concept is simple: you start with 7 dwarves and try to establish an outpost, a fort, for your civilization. The game requires you to take care of a great deal of things, like: food, water, temperature, happiness, invasions(sieges or ambushes), diplomacy, etc, etc. Most of the bad things in the game will be described as !FUN!. Why Fun? Because the game's motto is: "Losing is fun!". You'll lose in so many ways and you get no mercy, just have to start over, the fun is too big. Initially, your fort will be slow and calm (most of the time anyway), until you start to increase your population. The main way to do so is migrants, childs take years to grow and once that time comes, it's probably too late for your beautiful fortress. You can pick what stats your first 7 dwarves come with, migrants are randomized, so you'll have to work with what you get. Here's a fun part: you can give your dwarves nicknames, and I'm giving my dwarves Ordo names, I'll talk about that later. I feel like I could spend years explaning the game, therefore I'll not do it, I'll not get in depth with my explations, and all my "diary entries" will be written in a way most people would understand. Now, if you managed to stick until here, this could scare you off: the game's main graphics are... ASCII. Yes, there are tilesets, but I'm not using any. Understanding what is going on is going to be hard, but I'll try to point things out. Entry 1: A fort starts to rise I started a new fort earlier today and played around with it, about 2 hours or so. Enough to get past the initial boringness. I started in a Taiga, the snow never melts, even in summer. Getting water is going to be difficult, but I already have something going. The picture below shows the first level of my floor. It's dug in sand, because it's easy and doesn't leave anything behind that would take time for my dwarves to haul. I've got a Trade Depot outside, and just made my first trade with the Mountainhomes. The rest are basicly workshops, stockpiles and a couple farms. Underground yes, plump helmets are awesome. For now, I shouldn't need to get actual water, brewing drink from plants will be enough unless I get an injury of some kind. Then I'll have a problem. I dug down 1 Z level, found myself some stone to work with. There I dug a dining room and some basic bedrooms. Dwarves need a place to sleep. Why in rock this time? Because you can smooth and engrave rock, and dwarves like their kitchens and bedrooms all engraved and such. One more Z level down and look at what I found: Hematite. Iron ore. And I have a flux stone layer on this area, which means I can make steel later on. GREAT. You can see some of my mining here. As I've said, Dwarf Fortress is cruel, and your dwarves are going to die, at one point or another. Unfortunately, deaths this early can be bad, bad bad. One of my miners was hauling some stone to the workshops when suddenly, on the Z level above, a tree fell down. The log crush the ground under it, making a hole and falling on my dwarf. It was quick, there was nothing else that could be done. I started to dig a graveyard area for the future. Just wish I didn't have to start so early. The dwarf's tomb is already in place. This particular spot has a lot going for it. Why? It has metals, flux stone and most imporatly: a volcano. The volcano will allow me to easily power my furnaces later on and I should save up on a lot of fuel when smelting and crafting things. Also, lava is fun and I can and probably will turn it into a weapon at some point. This is my progress so far. Then I had this ideia, let's name all my dwarves after Ordo people: I put the names in a random, for the most part. I didn't check for gender or anything. If someone does not want their name in here for any reason (or no reason), tell me, and I will remove it. If you know someone that will NOT read this and has their name in there, tell them and ask if they're okay with it. If they're not... Anyway, I'll not name the childs, they don't deserve real names yet. If someone else wants their name in here, just tell me, I'll be happy to put it in on the next wave of migrants. Some of you I don't even talk to, I just picked your name at random, maybe looking through people that were on TS3 at the time or had a recent post on the forums. First day conclusions I'll post these randomly, and I don't how frequently either, I guess I'll just update it every once and a while. Also, most entries will not be this long. I wanted to introduct a bit of the game on this one. Most updates will contain at most 1 or 2 pictures and 1 or 2 paragraphs. I'd appreciate your support, maybe just a happy comment or some type of crazy idea for me to do. Thanks for reading this first entry. More to come soon. (Hopefully) :D
  23. Gotta study Gotta study Gotta study

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      Can't stop. Won't stop.


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