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Found 15 results

  1. [media]
  2. Holiday Giveaway. Post below entertaining and on topic news or media to enter the drawing! It's that time of year, when there are gifts and cheer... apparently. Starting Dec 13th the topic will unlock and we will be giving at random to one poster, one game per day at the end of the day (CST) for the next 12 days. On the last day, We'll hand out an additional 5 games! (Winners not eligible for 3 drawings after winning). Info / Rules (required to be eligible.) Ordo Imperialis member or recruit with ingame experience of two(2) months. Winners are not eligible for two(2) drawings after winning. Be in good standing with the community. Must have logged into Teamspeak in the last month. Post once a day to increase your chance of winning! You SHOULD follow/like/join our social media. FB, G+, sR, Twitch, Twitter, YuTb. Once you win, your reward is yours to do what you like. You may pass down to reject a win but loose one entry. Any attempt to circumvent a fair drawing will void your chances of winning. Even if you're in doubt, enter anyway! It would be nice to have you along and It's free! If you would like to contribute to the pool, please gift them to Xoza or contact me. Pass on the word to all our levels of membership, more donations and participants, the more we'll give out and don't forget about Steam's winter sale coming soon. (info/rules are subject to change) The final drawing will take place early, Dec 25th!
  3. The Crew [media] What faction would you join? Wolves, Eagles, Crocodiles, Snakes, Bears?
  4. Spooks and spoils, Halloween giveaway. Trick-or-treat with an entertaining topic image below to enter the drawing! With halloween around the corner, we'll be giving away a few games that follow the genre. List below! Arma II (for DayZ of course!) Contagion Dead Island: Epidemic Natural Selection 2 Nether Info / Rules Member of the Ordo Imperialis or recruit with ingame experience of two(2) months (by the time the drawing takes place). Be in good standing with the community. Must have logged into Teamspeak in the last month. You SHOULD follow/like/join/whatever our social media. FB, G+, sR, Twitch, Twitter, YuTb. You will be able to pick one(1) of three(3) random games in an available pool. If you already own any/all of the game options, what you do with your choice is yours. Any attempt to circumvent a fair drawing will void your chances of winning. (info/rules are subject to change) This drawing will take place at midnight, pacific time, October 31, 2014 after a halloween hangout!
  5. The Lord of the Rings Online There seem to be a few individuals who have played or still play now and again, "Lord of the Rings: Online". With enough interest, The Ordo Imperialis is always ready to support it's members and assist in setting a little something up for them. At the moment we're looking for more information of what interested individuals have in characters, on what server/s.
  6. Xoza


    [media] A single/multi player console game by Activision and Bungie Thanks for sharing Pat
  7. Watch Dogs [media] After watching some gameplay and playing some of UbiSoft's more recent titles, I like where they're going now. I'll be picking this game up for sure.
  8. I know theres already a thread for RIFT but I just wanted to pass on the news that as of JUNE 12 RIFT will be free to play, I played RIFT for a while and I thought the game was actually pretty fun. It wasnt amazing but I definately enjoyed the game. Seeing as its free now, It may be worth looking into.
  9. Firefly Online Coming soon as a mobile platform game. As if tiny empires wasn't bad enough...
  10. Guest

    Console: XBox One

    >Xbox One is announced >Worse specs then PS4 >Obvious knockoff >Meanwhile
  11. Star Conflict Pretty epic, round/objective based game, feels a lot like World of Tanks, Freelancer, Freespace, Eternal Silence and some other games. Free to Play, On Steam, YUPlay account based. Choose Empire... of course.
  12. So its that time again when I feel all cheritable (payday) and I have decided to hold a lottery on Saturday in conection to the Saturday meeting. So the "rules" will be: You must be a active ordo member. You must attend the meeting to be in on the lottery. (everyone in the meeting channel will be in) There will only be one winner. *EDIT* Since there seam to be alot of people that needs computer upgrades or want games that not on steam insted of a chosen game price this is whats on the line. 50€ = 59$ = 39£ It will be sent in form of a steam game or to a paypal account. Drop a comment on this thread! And since this is me giving away from my own pocket I would appreciate if negative comments such as "This is stupid" "I hate hate game i dont want to enter unless its this game" dont get posted.
  13. Guest

    Name That Base Game!

    Here's how you play, somebody posts an image of a military's base, and the next person has to guess who's base it is! I'll start with~
  14. Version 4 was just released, took them 8 months to get it done, gives me something to do till RO2 comes out.
  15. [media] > The studio who made this game was bought up by LL back in 2007, They're the guys who made the Windlight rendering system that LL bought and dumbed down for Second Life. Please support these guys, as they've finally come back and are building up a game that was almost forgotten. Yes, the screens look 'bad' by today's standards, sure the gameplay looks rough but bare in mind that all of this was recorded and made before even CoD4 was released, before Crysis even. Let it speak for it's own that the developers are back and the game is being updated and worked on once again. p.s. donate all your moneys, they need it. edited to add video to topic. :v
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