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Eriksson Foxtrot

Cellphone Plans! Let's do some comparing.

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So quite a number of us had a small discussion over SL and Teamspeak about our cellphone plans and what value we're getting out of them for the price we pay... in comparison to others.

This thread, well. Not only serves as a good reference, but if any carriers are willing to 'match' other plans, then you/one of us might be in luck!

To join in, all you need to do is simply type your country name, cellular provider and then paste in your rate plan with the included features and price. Feel free to opt out though, but the input would be quite interesting.

I'll start off;

Nation: Canada

Cellular Provider: Telus Mobility

Cellphone: iPhone 4

Rate plan: Voice, Text and Data Bundle - $65/mo

Features included in plan:

  • 10 Favourite Numbers - Pick 10 of your most-used calling numbers and enjoy unlimited nation-wide calling and text.
  • 500 "Anytime" Minutes - Calling allowance for local calls.
  • 6pm Local Nights and Weekends - Unlimited local calling on the weekends and after 6pm on weekdays.
  • 6GB Data - Monthly data allowance.
  • MHSI APN Access - Enables and allows access to use our data services. GPRS, EDGE, 3G and our exclusive 4G network, respectively.
  • Canadian LD @ $0.15 - Standard long distance calling rate.
  • Family Calling LD - Unlimited Nation-wide Family Calling*
  • Text Messaging Services - Enables text messaging over SIM cards.
  • Unlimited Messaging - Unlimited text, picture and video messages across North America.
  • 911 Emergency Access - Have your calls take absolute priority on our network if dialing an emergency number.
  • Free Local Birthday Calls - [Edit from original description: I lol'd. Made me feel special.]
  • Conference Calling - Connect up to 12 phone lines to one call for business.
  • Inbound Call Display - See who's calling you and from which city and province/state.
  • Outbound Call Display - Grants the ability to turn your outbound call display on or off via. the iPhone settings menu.
  • Call Waiting - Allows the ability to put calls on hold and switch back and forth between multiple calls.
  • Voice Mail 10 - Allows 10 voice mail messages at any given time with a 10-day deletion period that can be extended.
  • iPhone Visual Voicemail - Streamlined voicemail that grants the ability to view messages from your iPhone and play them with a tap of a finger instead of calling your inbox.
  • US Roaming @ $0.30/min and $0.05/MB - Roaming in the US charged at 30 cents per minute on long distance calls and 5 cents per megabyte.

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Nation: United states

Cellular provider: Neighbor's wifi.

Cellphone: Itouch 4g

Rate plan: $0/mo

Features included in plan:

• Unlimited text with third party app

• Unlimited calling with skype

• Unlimited data allowence

• Facebook compatability

• Additional $14.00/mo for 10,000 minutes per month on skype to anywhere in the world

(and yes, I'm not trolling, this is really my communication plan, aside from the provider; any wifi hotspots that are avalable will do)

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Nation: United States

Cellular Provider: Verison Wireless (Who hates me because I still have unlimited data plan and I won't give into there massive giveaways because I'd be forced to change it)

Cellphone: Droid 1 ( want bionic 8D, or maybe droid 3?)

Rate plan: Voice, Text and Data Bundle - $?/mo (I don't pay it directly, part of a family plan so I only pay a portion).

Features included in plan:

1500min voice

unlimited data and text(never use)

At the moment though I rarely use it, and do everything via networks, I don't go places often, and the places I do go to have wireless I can access >:D. I may drop my service all together, since I'm off contract anyway.

Edited by Xoza Tyron

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Nation: USoA ;3

Cellular Provider: Sprint/Verizon

Cellphone: (Sprint) Evo 4g/(Verizon)Samsung Alias 2

Sprint plan: Unlimited everything, forever, always. 170$ -25%/2 due to corporate discount(Ffff yes) and I split the bill with a friend in total I pay like, 65$ a month for it. Which will likely go down when he adds a third line to it.

Verizon plan:

400~ minutes that I'll be killed for using.

Unlimited text.

Unlimited use of holding papers down.

for 0$ due to the fact my brothers girlfriend was like "Hey here's a phone, don't worry about the bill." to which I replied "Ok.jpg"

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Nation: Republic of Finland, Uusimaa (New-land)

Provider: Sonera (NEVER BUY FROM THEM. EVER. )

Cellphone: Nokia N97 (omg so many software bugs)

Rate plan: Base payment 25€, variable on calls. 22€c texting.


Unlimited data per month.

Annoying advertisments.

Never-ending signal cuts.

Text message spam.

Never works.

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Nation: US

Provider: Google (Voice)

Cellphone: My Computer

Rate plan: Free to US and Canada


Unlimited Calls (US & Canada)

Unlimited Text (US & Canada)

Ability to text spam

Requires google account

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Nation: United States Provider: Virgin Mobile Cellphone: Samsung Intercept Rate plan: $25 a month Features: 300 minutes a month Unlimited texting Unlimited data per month

Same! Got to love that 25$ a month. :3

LG Optimus V though. :)

Edited by Asara Thursday

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