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Probably a bit too much to print screen.


fyi this looks way more impressive as a picture than it actually does in person, but that might be because I'm so used to being surrounded by monitors of various sorts anyway.

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Is it really that hard to grasp? Must I explain in detail what to do?


My Laptop is not worth showing, the wallpaper is literally a giant lemon.

Considering I don't like the game it originated from *Endwar*, That background is sick, I've had it since like, January or February

Also, Yes, that's Rosetta Stone, I tried to teach myself Russian once, rofl.

I haven't even used that computer since Windows 7 was installed, I had a relative take it in to get upgraded while I'm on vacation, apparentley everything is working fine except for like, five games, Fallout 1, 2, And Worms Armageddon have color issues, and GTA San Andreas/Vice City are completley incompatible. When I get home, I'll be getting a 2GB GTX 285 Video Card installed, so I'm Pumped for that.

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10 points if you can find this on Firefox's desktop.

I was looking for it, got distracted by the fact that there were tits in the second picture. :durr:

Edit: Found it.

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This is my new win7 desktop. I'm still very new with this setup, as I am an old Linux/Mac user - so I am still getting acclimated with the simplified design && it's capability to intertwine third party hosts into it's platform (Which I find very interesting). Anyway, laters.


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