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I'm not a sub, I don't need a purse, and I'm manlier than some of you fags combined so don't try to give me shit about it.

The girlfriend doesn't appreciate the beard, and I prefer the clean shaven look myself. It makes me look younger, and hides some of the gray whiskers. However, I haven't shaved since my last interview two weeks ago, but that will change tonight since I'll have some free time.

When you guys shave, do you use a safety razor?

I take a bar of shaving soap, a badger bristle brush, some hot water, make shaving cream, then shave my face with merkur-classic-razor.jpg

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Well, I'm doing it because my workplace is actually holding "Mo-vember" to help raise money for Prostate Cancer Society of Canada. So it has it's benefits. While I may look -more- like a viking (not that I ever have), I am helping one of those people who are in need of some help.

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Helpful tips to growing a marvelous (And probably chemical-ridden) beard:

1: Go to moderately shady grocery Store (Albertsons here for me).

2: Go to Meat Department.

3: Buy from Clearance / Sale Racks at least 3 times a week

4: Go home, cook / eat said clearance meat

5: Profit.

Seriously. That stuff gets pumped SO full of chemicals and dyes because it's a week from expiring and looks like it died twice over without it. And thanks to this and my Mother, i've been growing extravagant chinstrap beards since i was 13.

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