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  1. - Acquire a driver's license. (heading to the DMV next Wednesday to take the written exam) - Buy a car. This is gonna be a tough one. - Move out of my family's home; I already have a prospective place to go--I just need that car and the license to drive it. - Lose weight.
  2. Would like to request an audit.
  3. I wonder how much of this (admittedly) fun looking content will be available to free players and how much will have a price tag?
  4. Updating this thing. How about dat weather? 85 degrees Fahrenheit on the last day of April, and 49 by the end of the week!

    1. Aryte


      Hello from 101 degrees.

  5. The ubiquitous picture of the man being rushed from the marathon explosion with both of his legs torn apart and accompanied by a man in a cowboy hat saving his life has been given more background. Jeff Bauman, the injured man in the photograph, is now recovering. He assisted in identifying the perpetrators of the bombing even as he was still waking up from surgery in intensive care. His savior, the brave man who kept him from bleeding out and dying on the scene, now has a Wikipedia page and his own story in the Time Magazine LightBox. His name is Carlos Arredondo.
  6. Apparently TwitchTV has acquired the exclusive privilege to stream the last official Defiance beta weekend test before the non-disclosure agreement is lifted on the 22nd of this month. The weekend of March 15th to the 17th (08:00 PST on the first day to 21:00 PST on the last day) will be open for Twitch TV partners--broadcasters who have gained enough viewership to monetize and make revenue off of ads, or additionally have a subscriber button on their channels--to stream the content on the TwitchTV website. For me, this will be a chance to see some real, raw firsthand gameplay despite the general feebleness of my computer hardware; if any of you are interested and either weren't given a chance to be in the beta testing or simply didn't have time to and still want to check it out, this is a good opportunity to kick back and see it live.
  7. Are you sure PS2 is going to fly on the lappy? I have a MacBook Pro--Late 2011 model. It has an intel i7 quad-core CPU running at 2.4 GHz (same speed as yours), 4GB RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD 6770M. They're almost neck and neck in performance, give or take a tiny bit. I have Windows bootcamped onto my laptop, so I can run Windows-exclusive video games--but I have tried repeatedly to get PlanetSide 2 going, and I can't get a liveable framerate even on the lowest graphics settings. It hitches like nobody knows and it is no fun at all. People have told me that it's just the fact that the laptop was not designed with Windows in mind and that the graphics drivers are the problem, but I am not sure. Either way, good luck I suppose. :) Never hurts to try, yeah? As an afterthought, I really should just be using this as a work machine--using it all the time, every time, for video games puts on a lot of extra strain and shortens its life considerably; I already replaced the logic board once as a result of overheating a few months ago--less than a year into its use... but I don't have a desktop to use instead!
  8. I think that it's time I updated this. A lot has changed in the last few years--not the least of which is that I no longer have just a mouse or GIMP at my disposal. Check back later for new stuff.
  9. Absolutely nothing. Glad for what I have, though. Things could always be worse.
  10. Did Steam fully remove the game from their sales, or just suspend it? I heard the latter a while ago, but some time has passed since and obviously, the game's public condition has not improved. Twocents: Having worked in retail for the last couple months, the biggest thing I've learned--from Sam Walton, no less--is that the real boss of any business operation that caters to customers is just that: the customer! A shitty experience like this one, proven amply by the forum posts, reviews, news, and other source, is the quickest and most effective way to lose revenues completely. It's easy to overlook little things--it's easy for a shopper to wave his or her hand airily as the cashier frantically apologizes for a huge can of baked beans dropping out of the bottom of the bag and onto the floor--true story. But if I was to lean against my register, smack my lips as I chew gum, or just in general look and act like I couldn't give two Ffffs less--a lot like these developers using almost entirely copied art and design or banning people for refunds on purchases--then people would and have been getting pissed off and won't be coming back, now, or ever. When it comes to trying a game like this to REALLY learn for myself: I don't have spare cash to risk on software; most of us don't. If we put in a purchase, we expect what is listed in the description. One is supposed to get what he or she pays for; good customer service and genuine effort are a given right off the bat. If scores of bad reviews, bad news, and general dislike are diffusing from the game, well, you can bet I'm not dropping no $20(?) on a scary unknown.
  11. ^ has a pretty open mind. Blue cheese? Yuck. < isn't a vampire. Thinking of Skyrim: If she had the DLC, she would join Dawnguard and destroy all vampires. v is totally getting Dragonborn.
  12. ^ lurkin' on my Steam. < LOVES binding of Isaac. v is probably doing some sort of finals prep this month.
  13. I call dibs on the next beta key o: I like the way it looks
  14. You mean November? I mean it'd be cool if we could travel back in time to the third of October .. <:D
  15. I saw that and said ouch, too. >.o Sorry, bro. But yeah, most if not almost all drivers are free. I'm guessing it's because there wouldn't really be any point to have them if you didn't have the hardware for those drivers.
  16. It depends on which drivers you need, to be honest. That aside, aren't most driver updates free from the hardware's website?
  17. This really pisses me off. I'm sorry for your loss, Trinity.
  18. Speaking of Valve: http://www.digitaltr...-for-1-billion/
  19. I probably don't speak for just myself when I say that asking a lot of questions and being a bit clueless like a junebug smashing into everything and getting killed a lot has something to do with me being new. I have been on to play all of twice. I don't learn everything lightning-quick. As this game settles in and people become regulars to it, things may smooth out a bit from that alone. Sorry, Ron, if things don't work out yet. Please have faith that they'll get better. ... like Huttser said if I had taken the time to read it. Also the game is still in beta. There are a lot of really Ffffing annoying bugs. Like falling through the terrain to die out of bounds. And crashing every fifteen minutes. And not being able to set squad waypoints. There are a lot of straws to break the camel's back.
  20. The twitter admins are giving out keys, once every few minutes to the lucky and indiscriminate tweeter who manages to get noticed. Some people have posted 40 or 50 tweets before getting noticed. I really want Fermi to have the chance to play without putting $40 into a game that neither of us is really familiar with. I will keep trying...
  21. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic. Since the giveaway of keys on the Alienware Arena website was finished before even the first day was up, I've been looking for another way to get one for my significant other to bring him into the game. I checked the Planetside 2 twitter, and it seems like if people personally send a tweet and ask for a key, they're individually given one by a user or admin named Valkyrie. Can anyone confirm that? EDIT: Will complete that profile fill-out soon, just want to get a better feel for the game first and try everything before I answer definitely on those sections.

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