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Guest Ruin Nefarious

Extended Service Merit

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I just noticed this and I don't have it for the 1 year mark;

2009-06-02 - 2010-07-06 *Discharged* (1 year 1 month at O1) Rejoined 2011-07-08; Current Date: 2011-11-03 approx an additional 4 months, Not sure if I can claim the merit for making it over a year then be discharged shortly after i retired and ended up helping Dark with Chaos. Just post a reply here, I'm more than happy to do another year+ <3

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Unrecorded until E-3 during my original enlistment. 2008-07-13(day I recived ventrilo information) to 2009-08-30

Recorded as discharged on 2009-08-17, but was merely "taking time" to myself until offical discharge on 2009-08-30. Not sure if this is still aplicable.

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